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Allen Career Institute Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
Crash Course for NEET
Upto 20% Off
3 Mo
₹ ******/-
NURTURE COURSE(for X to XI moving students)(JEE Main+Advanced)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
NURTURE COURSE(for X to XI moving student)(NEET)
Upto 20% Off
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
ENTHUSIAST COURSE(for XI to XII moving student)(AIIMS)
Upto 20% Off
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
ENTHUSIAST COURSE(for XI to XII moving student)(JEE Main+Advanced)
Upto 20% Off
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
LEADER COURSE(for XII appeared/passed student)(JEE Main+Advanced)
Upto 20% Off
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
LEADER COURSE(for XII appeared/passed student)(NEET)
Upto 20% Off
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
Upto 20% Off
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
Upto 20% Off
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
Jee mains(Distance learning program) for 11th
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
NEET(Distance Learning Program)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
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About Allen Career Institute

Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh, a pioneer in the field of medical as well as engineering entrances.

However, there are certain coaching centres that put you on the right path during the course of your career. One such institute is Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh. Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh is a name to reckon with. With a lot of entrance institutes springing in every now and then, Chandigarh has maintained its repute and sanctity. Started in the year 1988, Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh has been devoted to student development.

In this article, you would come to know about what this institute offers, content details, fee plans, scholarship details and how Allen is different from its competitors.


Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh has a multitude of courses to offer to its aspirants. When it comes to student satisfaction and comfort, Allen is unmatched. Here is a look at the major courses that this place has to offer. Spot the course that suits your needs best.

• IIT-JEE (Main+Advanced): Their meticulously planned courses and top notch service renders enough time for engineering aspirants for self-study. Their courses in engineering are well designed with respect to the technique as well as the syllabus. The course simultaneously covers the CBSE syllabus as well so that students can ace their board exams too. The faculty here is an amalgamation of rich academic experience as well as immense knowledge. The periodic tests are strictly based on the pattern of various engineering entrances and give more than enough experience to the students. A student can also avail scholarships if he fulfills certain criteria. One can know about the same from their website.

The various subcategories include:

        • Nurture: it is a 2-year course for Class XI students. The fee is around Rs 3,00,000.

        • Enthusiast: priced at Rs. 1,52,000, the course is for 1 year and is open to Class XII students

        • Leader: it is a 1-year course for those who have passed high school or have appeared for the same. The fee is approx. Rs. 1,54,000.

Note: The amounts mentioned above are only for reference. Students are advised to visit the institute to know the exact details.

• JEE Main: Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh has a record of producing the max. number of students in the top engineering courses in the country. The focus is to ensure that the syllabus covers major concepts that are most likely to appear in the entrance exam. The practice problems are scientifically and structurally designed in order to provide a holistic view of the real exam. Revision classes are a regular feature. Sessions pertaining to doubts are regularly scheduled and extra classes may be taken, if required.

Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh also offers several scholarships for the course.

The various courses under this exam are:

        • Nurture: it is a 2-year course for Class XI students. 

        • Enthusiast: priced at around Rs. 1,00,000, the course is for 1 year and is open to Class XII students

        • Leader: it is a 1-year course for those who have passed high school or have appeared for the same.

The estimated fee has been rising high owing to the success of the brand name of Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh.

Note: The amounts mentioned above are only for reference. Students are advised to visit the institute to know the exact details.

• NEET-UG/AIIMS: Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh has distinguished itself as the best preparatory place for medical entrance exams. The methodical coaching provided here provides a competitive atmosphere to the aspirants who, through the excellent curriculum and adequate infrastructural facilities, ensure that the success rate is to the maximum. The highly experienced faculty is quite enduring and determined to focus on good results. The content material that is given to students is a great blend of research and theory which drives the overall studying process. Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh provides topic wise subject modules which are subdivided into chapters and subtopics which consist conceptual, tricky and brainstorming questions that cover all possible aspects of one particular exam.

The various categories under this are:

        • Nurture: it is a 2-year course for Class XI students. The fee is around Rs. 1,38,000 for the first year.

        • Enthusiast: priced at Rs. 1,40,000, the course is for 1 year and is open to Class XII students

        • Leader: it is a 1-year course for those who have passed high school or have appeared for the same. The fee is approx. Rs. 1,44,000.

        • Achiever: it is a 1-year course for students who are repeaters or those who have already studied at Allen previously. 

Note: The amounts mentioned above are only for reference. Students are advised to visit the institute to know the exact details.

• Pre Nurture & Career Foundation: This course is open for students from class 6th to 10th as well as those who are preparing for NTSE and other Olympiads. The course offers a nurturing environment to the students so that they tread on the right path since a tender age. For parents and students alike who feel that it is important to build an extremely strong foundation, this course could not get any better. This is done with a view to strengthening the foundation so that by the time a student reached high school, he is equipped with the necessary knowledge to face any sort of entrance exam. The course is supervised by a faculty team of experienced teachers who ensure that a student is not burdened with exam pressure but is at least given a bird’s eye view of what is about to come. The course content is fun to learn and is a great way to pass one’s school exams with flying colors. Such programs start as early as class VI.

Note: The amounts mentioned above are only for reference. Students are advised to visit the institute to know the exact details.

• Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh also offers online programmes.

The various programmes under this category are:

        • Distance learning program

        • Allen tab testing and analyzing e-book

        • Online test series

        • Pre-PG online test series

        • GATE online test series

The course content of these courses is based on the latest pattern of the exams leaving no scope for the need of any external material.

Features of Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh:

• Feedback system: Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh relies on a feedback system that is imperative to develop the real potential of a child. The system ensures that each child is well versed with the right knowledge to appear for the exams.

• Comprehensive study material: their course content is specific to the exam and is divided into small modules that are easy to carry and study from.

• Yoga sessions: regular yoga sessions during the preparations relieve students from the mental stress that one undergoes. What better could any coaching center get? Isn’t it?

• Doubt clearance sessions: the faculty is devoted to steering the students clear of all possible doubts with respect to the course.

So this was all about Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh. You can find more information at their website

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Allen Career Institute Reviews

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Sonu Kumar Image
Sonu Kumar

There are many exams which are same as the exams I am preparing for, exams which we students can think can give with the help of this coaching institution which has had been there in this coaching probably the best coaching over here.

Ranbir Image

They have a different vision for the aspirants for these kinda exams. They have very Cogent and lucid programs under their success rate.


The traps of the coaching institute has been encouraged you to take care of issue and the English instructor will enable you to build up the systems to tackle the perusing appreciation over here.

Yashika Image

It was such a brilliant experience being present at the coaching institute for exams like those. I did a lot of hard work. The notes of teachers are fabulous when compared to the notes of the other coaching institutes.

sapna mehta Image
Sapna mehta

Overall is good institute, teachers are teaching way is good , all doubts clear properly and focusing on individually by the teacher and very helpful nature

sapna mehta Image
Sapna mehta

ALLEN is best institute for neet coaching all teachers are good, helpful ad provide good notes

sapna mehta Image
Sapna mehta

Teacher's are good, helpful, and they provide notes and discuss doughts, personally I prefer to student join the ALLEN institute for NEET coaching

Sandy Thakur Image
Sandy Thakur

Saloni yadav Image It's wonderful to experience to be here, We all get time to clear our doubts, It is a good place to study, Behaviours of teachers and staff are very good and giving us uniform like bags, umbrella.

Vaishnavi Image

Study solutions are class apart if you are looking at this angle here while test series is little rigid otherwise fine tutoring centre

Shweta Sharma Image
Shweta Sharma

Ordinary tests are aimed at the association. A periodic table is given well early clearing up the test plan. The tests direct help us to evaluate our position and attempts we need to moreover put for these exams.

Nilay Image

They administrate extraordinarily so it’s amazing. All are in actuality well request and proficient. All staff is planning.

Kartike Image

The staff trains at a high pace. It is difficult to grasp subjects from time to time so it’s amazing.

Munish Image

At the time of the exams which has had been a great thing, this coaching co-operates with us and we can ask doubts anytime we want.

Pranjal Image

Best coaching institute I have studied in so far which has had been a great thing.

avnnet Image

This coaching doesn’t just cover the syllabus but ensures that each and every student in the coaching gets to understand each and everything in here which has had been a great thing.

Parveen Image

 A great thing which I have had noticed in the coaching institution is that the teachers in here provide the private time to the students and another is that the staff of the coaching has been really such great at their job. Nature of receptionist is so impressive that she helps us with everything we want which is a really important factor.

Anjali kumari Image
Anjali kumari

All around quality staff with teachers sitting at the top then comes study books then classroom vibe then test series

Diya Image

Best teachers which I have had ever seen, always there to the help and guide their students to the coaching institute.

Sumit Singh Image
Sumit Singh

I have had learnt a lot from here in the premesis. All faculty members are very experienced and supportive.

Chehaq Wadhwa Image
Chehaq Wadhwa

The most prior incentive is the test series of this coaching institution, is that the coaching institute gives a private attention to each of the student.

Sanyam Walia Image
Sanyam Walia

I believe that this coaching is one of trhe best coaching institutes in this town for many many reasons like the test series and the doubt counters.

komal Image

The things fall apart in the IIt coaching institutes but not in this one.

Parvesh Image

 A great thing which I have noticed is that the staff of the coaching has been really such great at their job. Nature of receptionist is so impressive that she helps us with everything we want.

Eshan Bansal Image
Eshan Bansal

Faculty good, Great Supportive Throughout my Coaching, Dedicated Teachers, giving test paper, all modules,ncert syllabus detail, doubt classes taking every Wednesday and even starting the classes.

Navreet Brar Image
Navreet Brar

The teachers of the coaching academy ha s had been helping us to do better by making us enthusiastic and motivation.

puja paul Image
Puja paul

The fees of this coaching institution has been quite a low for this quality of teaching provided here, which is very tough to be found elsewhere in the institution.

Liza Image

Overall is good institute, teachers are teaching way is good , all doubts clear properly and focusing on individually by the teacher and very helpful nature and giving hostel and transportation, all module and notes/assignment given properly friendly environment.

vrenda aggarwal Image
Vrenda aggarwal

The teachers are very experienced and well educated, co-operative, all doubts clear in classes, giving all modules 11+12 combine, ncert and races and study environment.

Nitin Phogat Image
Nitin Phogat

One of the best institutes where students get to experience the highly competitive and positive environment with the best guidance by faculties, This institute focuses the development of an individual and giving booklet and assignment timely, solve problems timely by teachers in doubt session.

Tanisha Sharma Image
Tanisha Sharma

The perfect way of teaching, Adorable teachers help me improve my knowledge and encourage me on my study The way of study in this institute is very awesome, giving notes, assignment and all modules, doubts taken properly in doubt classes.

ritika pannu Image
Ritika pannu

All the teachers are very nice and way of teaching is very nice and understandable, student ask for doubt classes on any chapters you want on any subject, there are extra discussion hours, and tests for practice on a regular basis, you get daily practice papers, whatever issues you have with any subject, they will always help you out, they give extra time,the management here is great and giving all modules, weekly test given and all doubts clear in doubt classes.

Chhavi chhikara Image
Chhavi chhikara

A great educational center and the faculty is just great, Excellent teachers & support staff. hey supported me in every field study material are excellent, good environment and doubts clear in doubt session .

Anshika Image

Very nice institute, teachers are very cooperative and motivator and inspirer for the student, The way of teaching is very good and books material giving us properly, solve all doubts in doubt counter.

Amisha Image

One of the best coaching centre and their faculty very motivated, I am completely satisfied with the services provided to me, The study material provided to us sufficient to make all my concepts, I am grateful to all faculties of mine who provided me with proper guidance, giving all modules ,notes with bags and all doubts solves after classes.

Saloni yadav Image
Saloni yadav

It's wonderful to experience to be here, We all get time to clear our doubts, It is a good place to study, Behaviours of teachers and staff are very good and giving us uniform like bags, umbrella.

ankit bains Image
Ankit bains

Very Co-operative Staff Members especially physics Pawan Kumar Mishra is too good, study material providing all modules test series and assignment and giving daily practise paper, good environment, taking doubts every Wednesday.

ritika Image

It has best faculty, good atmosphere,We can ask our doubts every day any time after our classes, Regular test are conducted on every subject which helps the students to know their strengths and weaknesses in the subject, giving extra classes us and clear doubt in doubts session.

kajal Image

All the teachers are amazing and professional, They always reach to the point and they also give questions at the end of every class, Weekly and monthly tests are an amazing way to check your progress. And some teachers also teach some tricks to do a large number of questions in less time and giving us classes notes, all modules with races properly.

Aman Handa Image
Aman Handa

Good place & best institute, teachers goods, properly solve doubts by teachers in the classroom, The strength of every batch is limited so interaction with teachers and student easily and solved papers and all modules with races .

Akshit Kumar Image
Akshit Kumar

The faculty is excellent,The doubts sessions held helped me in clearing my doubts, tutor facility is an amazing facility which helps you to learn a topic which may be missed by any of the reasons and booklet giving properly notes and assignment.

aaditya thakur Image
Aaditya thakur

It's a good institute, the teachers are good, all academic & administrative staff are very polite and helpful, clear all doubts in doubt classes and career under healthy and knowledgeable environment.

Riya Bhardwaj Image
Riya Bhardwaj

All teachers good teaching way, healthy environment, small batches so easily interact with teachers, all module is given an assignment and taking doubt session every Wednesday and Saturday.

rubina sadaf Image
Rubina sadaf

Amazing institute and the best coaching institute , Truly an amazing institute faculty and staff co-operative, all modules giving properly with races, taking test series timely, peaceful environment, doubts solve in counters teachers are sitting always there.

sushashini Image

Faculty is too good, interact with student and teachers for small-batch strength, taking classes on 1: 30 hours, giving motivation open speeches, sufficient study material which on explained extra data, practices also, calm classroom environment and every Saturday teacher's available there.

Jyoti Image

Truly an amazing institute, All teachers are professionals, I am satisfied sometimes organics chemistry and physics concept is not clear, study environment good and giving us all modules, assigmnent and test series properly.

yash Image

Very helpful teacher, overall is a good experience, giving us all modules and notes and assignment properly, competitive environment to improve ourself, doubts clear in doubt session.

gursimran Image

The faculty teaches well and explains everything clearly, Good environment for students to focus, giving us booklet and worksheet and clearing all my doubts in doubt session.

Swati Image

All teachers are professionals, I am satisfied, all faculties and academics and listen to our problems and solve it as quick as it can be, They give me all information related to my performance in class and tests result.all are good, transportation facility available also.

Gourav Image

Best institute teachers are very supportive, taking doubt session properly, It is an efficient and more success-oriented institute, giving properly all modules with races and test given, classroom environment is calm.

Nandani Priya Image
Nandani Priya

Amazing institute, we can learn all the things in the best way teachers very helpful and motivated in a study material giving us question bank, test series all modules and good environment but in sitting counter session faculty behave rude.

ravinder kumar Image
Ravinder kumar

Here teachers are very cooperative and they give their full dedication for our betterment, the study material is sufficient modules/notes and giving us extra classes for self-studies, Such a good environment, and very good management.

vishal Image

Good experience, All the faculties of this institute are very good, in sudy material giving modues/race properly specially physis manish sir and zoology anil tiwari sir for good motivating me and helping, good environment and all facilities are giving us.

Shipra Image

All the teachers are amazing and professional always reach to the point and they also give questions at the end of every class, giving assignment and test series properly and doubts clear in doubts session.

Anjali sharma Image
Anjali sharma

Well, disciplined atmosphere, Good teacher and excellent educational facility, giving all study material, currentive modules and related MCQ topic wise and cool & positive atmosphere.

Sarika Image

I have a very nice experience, teaching way is good, timely giving notes, taking monthly test regularly, giving extra classes at evening which student in weak subject.

shashank Image

Best teachers , Good study material. Teachers provide good guidance, support and counselling properly , study environment and giving us doubt classes also timely.

sahil verma Image
Sahil verma

Good place for coaching, all faculties good and concept clear by teachers properly, giving us doubt classes 5 days total weeks,4 days weekdays, 1 day doubt session, study environment, hostel facility, books with bags, tea shirt and umbrella, sometimes in a doubt class too much.

Vineet Image

All teachers are a co-operative, good environment, all booklet notes, and assignment but Vivek Pathak sir of botany subject syllabus running very slow.

shailja thakur Image
Shailja thakur

Best coaching institute all teachers are good, Strong management, personal attention for every student, giving all modules, practise paper, peacefull study environment.

Vikas Image

Best institute, it is a very supportive institute, great environment, teachers give extra time, there are doubt sessions as well, everything is very helping, conduction open session motivational speech in month 1 time and doubts clear in doubt session.

rohit kumar Image
Rohit kumar

Institute with excellent teachers with teaching experience, completely oriented towards student goal and career under healthy and knowledgeable environment and all doubts properly clear by teachers any time.

karma Image

" Good classes provided and well-trained faculties and well-maintained classrooms, giving us extra classes and giving all modules and notes properly .

gurkaran singh Image
Gurkaran singh

Good faculty even good hostel facility providing us, properly taking doubt session, giving us question bank, race, concert, and All the facility occupied, all academic & administrative staff are very polite and helpful.

Ankita Image

Good institute all faculties are good and good explain to each topic focus more ncert, good management, discipline classes and properly doubts clear by teachers.

Munna Kumar Image
Munna Kumar

Not good experience, not taking regular classes in a doubt session too much rush over there, physics teacher Manish Kumar and chemistry Deepak Kumar sir not clear our doubts and not giving us tricks, extra knowledge about the topics, good environment and giving us all module and races.

Anshul Sidana Image
Anshul Sidana

Teachers teaching way good, in books material all module, assignments given daily, question booklet with weekly test series given and study environment.

Shivanshi Image

Amazing building and infrastructure, all teachers are good but physics nishikant sir teacher does not clear the concept, not disciplined in the classroom and given us books modules, races, worksheet and ncert, all doubts clear in doubt classes.

preeti Image

The way of teaching is outstanding and cleared all doubts, giving all modules, worksheet and question bank and study environment.

Harsh Image

Best coaching institute , teachers are very supportive and helping, they provide individual doubt classes timely, provide objective question with ncert books, friendly environment.

allen chandigarh Image
Allen chandigarh

Experienced Faculty and excellent infrastructure, good coaching institute, giving us all modules and races and notes, all doubts clear side by side teachers.

allen chandigarh Image
Allen chandigarh

Experienced Faculty and excellent infrastructure, good coaching institute, giving us all modules and races and notes, all doubts clear side by side teachers.

saijal sood Image
Saijal sood

Amazing institute, Satisfactory staff, and experienced Comfortable classroom environment, given all modules booklet, ncert solved assignment, doubts clear in doubt session , a good place for preparation medical coaching.

sudhir kumar Image
Sudhir kumar

This place is very good for studying, Here Faculty is good and gives quality education, Experienced teachers and staff, all modules of the booklet are given properly assignment and study environment but classroom batch strength is too high.

Sheetal Image

Best coaching for medical coaching with student-friendly faculty,The classes here are well furnished and are fully air-conditioned,Doubt classes are also conducted daily for clearing students doubts.

Priyanka Image

It has had been a great faculty with a good amount of experience. Regular tests help to prepare and give the feeling of good competition.

Vikas Image

The quality of teaching is excellent in the coaching institute. They are equipped with all the Facilities.

Aditi Image

On the basis of their rank in the way to, students will be allotted their batch. Something I liked their the most that their Management and Infrastructure.

manpreet Image

It has been providing regular as well as weekend classroom programmes for medical and engineering students.

Sidharth Gupta Image
Sidharth Gupta

The study material and the practice question level of the coaching institute is likewise sufficient. The expense charged is ostensible.

Ashishpal singh Image
Ashishpal singh

They have had guided us for the different placement tests and employments in government areas. They show traps for clearing the test.

AMAN Image

One of the best coaching institutions which I believe. They have different and effective way of studying. And they just not focus on study, they focus on mentoring as well.

Jasmeet kaur Image
Jasmeet kaur

They have had given every one of the reports in regards to the tests and train in like manner. The workforce endeavours to bring each understudy. It typical instructing focus with an extraordinary educating approach.

Gaurav Image

Online home tests are there for the practice is wonderful. They likewise train the students for meetings. They give character improvement.

Raghav Image

The foundation of the coaching institute which has had a resolute way to deal with educating only for execution in placement tests.

Gurdit Singh Image
Gurdit Singh

Mental stage of the students consistently runs your planning. They pay accentuation on this.They instruct to put stock in our own objectives. They inspire until we set an unequivocal objective.

priya Image

Inspirational sessions are there which are being directed towards the coaching institute to improve students exhibitions. They give appropriate rules to the students with respect to the test design , tricks to understand questions.

Renu Dua Image
Renu Dua

This coaching academy is of an extraordinary institution which helps growing minds achieve their dreams.

Payal Image

The teachers of the coaching institute has had a vast experience. They teach with clarity and will clear your every doubt no matter how much you ask.

sheetal Image

Teachers at the coaching institute are cooperative. Environment for the study is pretty good.

Rajwinder Kaur Image
Rajwinder Kaur

Expert personnel gives quality direction and normal mock tests are led which help in structure certainty and required procedure for breaking such inclination tests.

Manpreet Image

This institute is a brilliant spot to study and get your ideas cleared in a matter of seconds.

Archna Image

They give legitimate direction, pertinent study material , practice tests and inspirational sessions. The staff is useful, experienced.

Mayank Image

Extraordinary individual consideration and doubt clearing classes are given to the students. Amazing individual checking and an eye on learning is maintained.

shubham rana Image
Shubham rana

Individual consideration classes with individual observing with complete test arrangement is extremely incredible practice here. I truly have no words for your awesome lessons and backing

Debolina Image

Picking this foundation to get ready for the IIT tests. It is one of the most troublesome tests and the establishment has helped me conquered my dread.

Vipin Sharma Image
Vipin Sharma

The establishment has high class libraries from where the books can likewise be issued. It is useful for apprentices. Instructors are useful. The educators are available to questions . They inspire their students to buckle down.

khkjhkj Image

Inspirational sessions are directed to improve students exhibitions. They give appropriate rules to the students with respect to the test design , tricks to understand questions.

ruby Image

The academy is an extraordinary institution which helps growing minds achieve their dreams.

Daljit Image

Right from the onset, each and everyone starting from the Teachers to the Managers has been very resourceful.

Abhinav Image

Well educated faculties , who are extremely helpful . They set you up with a great procedure to get through the JEE exam and face it .

Divya Image

Great faculty of the coaching institute and guidance. I have received a call from almost all of the IITs and i am very thankful to the teachers here.

sahil saini Image
Sahil saini

All the facilities regarding academics are appreciated all the weekly tests and staff coordination is appreciated as well..

ashish Image

Well disciplined organisation is this one. Not perfect but they give their best to solve the problem. Have appreciation for enlightened faculties & helpful staffs.

Anshul Mittal Image
Anshul Mittal

Very hard work Teachers and good staff. The institute has a very Friendly environment.

Shilpa katoch Image
Shilpa katoch

The institute has been providing a friendly environment to learn and they make it easier to understand the concepts by adding a little humour and relativity.

Anupam Anand Image
Anupam Anand

Great experience was there at the coaching. Study material provided is very helpful and the faculty too is experienced and friendly.

kirti Image

The faculty of the coaching has been indeed very good and the materials and tests are similar to what you may expect in the actual exams.

bahadur singh Image
Bahadur singh

Best teachers and the classroom is there, they even take doubt classes and test series. It’s the best one.

Bimla Devi Image
Bimla Devi

Supportive trainers who have always been there to help students to achieve their goals. Special attention is provided to weak students.

Arzoo bhandari Image
Arzoo bhandari

It has provided us enough study material so that we can independently prepare from our own .

shivam Image

Amazing learned faculty in this coaching institute. However, the administration could improve for the better.

Gaurav Image

This coaching institution is the career Oriented and Goal Oriented. The teachers are highly qualified and they maintain a friendly environment.

prince Image

Experienced and dedicated staff to help you out even after working hours. Institution with all facilities . Provide advanced learning materials with regular mock tests.

Rohit Image

The teachers are very frank and teach in the best possible way to understand to their students.

Tegveer Image

An alumni to the coaching centre, Seems just the right place for someone who dreads Math and Science, cause the institute certainly Destroys that fear and enhances for better results and transforms the whole outlook towards studies.

Ritu Jolly Image
Ritu Jolly

Along with teachers, they have one of the best study solutions for JEE coaching. Teachers very helping and gives effective lectures

Rakesh Image

The academy provides us the best study material as well as best guides(faculty). Personal attention is given to each and every student

mandeep singh Image
Mandeep singh

We could choose our own timing according to our convenience. There are flexible batch timings here. .

Suraj Rauniyar Image
Suraj Rauniyar

This spot has impelled me to work harder every day, grow inch by inch and become expertise in subjects.

Robin thakur Image
Robin thakur

You will get highly qualified teachers. which are teaching the subject matter for the past 15 to 17 years.

Ayush Image

It's extremely smart coaching job center .they have good academics and healthy study setting for the scholars.

Harkirat Image

Academic programs are really awesome, the pattern of teaching, taking tests is one of the best. Students have a test in every 15 days which provides a great platform.

rajusanghu Image

They adopted very innovative, different and good ways for teaching students and that is best for their preparation.

paramjit kaur sandhu Image
Paramjit kaur sandhu

Faculties are well experienced & supportive in every aspects. I got selected in JEE-MAINS last year due to my hard work in which this institute is an integral part.


Best institute for learning as faculty members are competent and always ready to help students. This is an institute where priority is given to students and studies


I heard about Allen from the internet. I motivated toward this institute from the previous year results. this is the best institute for iit/neet coaching. teachers are very helpful. I recommend everyone to come into Allen for coaching.

Mandeep singh

I heard about Allen from my friends. they give us conceptual knowledge of every topic. teachers have always motivated us. they are providing proper test series and they have doubt counter so students can clear doubt easily.

jashanpreet singh Image
Jashanpreet singh

Teachers are great I like the teaching approach .. they are providing proper study material including assignments ...environment is very studious. doubts are cleared in the doubt class.

Nitin Image

Brilliant coaching class for IIT-JEE & NEET Medical preparations. Mentors and other staff are very helpful and mostly the trainers are from IITs. Dedicated faculty.

nirman  Image

Excellent institute for IIT-NEET. teachers are also very supportive. study is brilliant

Kriti  Image

The best coaching for engineering and medical all over India. The faculty members are highly qualified either of IIT or NEET and if you work hard you'll definitely able to crack JEE main and advanced.

Ayush Sihag Image
Ayush Sihag

Allen has produced some of the best IIT results in recent years because of some reasons. From management to the teaching staff everything is so perfect in the institute. I am so happy with it.

baljot kaur Image
Baljot kaur

Allen is extremely better than other coaching institute for preparing IIT-JEE exams . it provide the quality education.faculty is highly qualified and helping. there is proper doubt counter so if we have any doubt , we can directly go to the doubt counter to clear the doubt.infra is too good.

paramdeep Image

I am quite satisfied with my institute.i am having a good experience in this institute.its really effective..and even the teachers are really frank and qualified..they are always available for the doubts. environment id also studious of this institute

jaidev  Image

Well educated teachers and study environment and moreover competitive environment.

lovkesh  Image

Allen has helped me to clear my topics that no one could do for me. this is certainly the best institute in Chandigarh for IIT-JEE .

komal arora Image
Komal arora

Brilliant institute for IIT-JEE in Chandigarh. environment of the institute is very studious. teachers are highly professional and very co-operative. they are conducting proper doubt classes. study material is very useful. i feel good to be part of this institute.

RAMAN  Image

Excellent institute with great infrastructure. hardworking and very cooperative faculty. studious environment. institute provide proper test series to increase the level of the students. study material is also very was good to be part of this institute.

Avneet kaur Image
Avneet kaur

Allen institute is the best place to study.They provide great faculty. They not only tell you how to crack exam,they improves your accuracy too.Faculty are available for doubts any time. study material they are providing is also very useful... they are conducting proper test series.. best environment.

Simran Image

Best good institute, excellent material is very good and level of the tests is the actual level of the tests.

Surender Gandhi Image
Surender Gandhi

Physics teacher is not professional. Response for feedback is very poor. After taking admission parents are never heard.

Ramesh Gandhi Image
Ramesh Gandhi

The teaching standard of Crash Course is not satisfactory. Especially the Physics Teacher is not up to mark.The teaching level of Physics Teacher for crash course of NEET UG is very low. For me it is a wastage of time

Anisha  Image

It was good to be part of Allen.We learned alot things from our teacher

tamanna Bhardwaj Image
Tamanna Bhardwaj

It was good, be a part of allen institute. The faculty was excellent,doubts are clear time to time,so it was good for me to be the part of this

Isha Image

Best institute for meddical aspirants.If anyone want to make his/her career in meddical/non-medical field should join this institute.

Amulya Sharma Image
Amulya Sharma

An excellent institute with great infrastructure and hardworking faculty who actually invest time and skills in their students. Allen is a great Institution but here no. of students are increasing each day so the no. of classes for students must be increased.

amarjeet kaur Image
Amarjeet kaur

Excellent. Faculty is good,test series is good. Well prepared students for entrance exam

Tanvi Chawla Image
Tanvi Chawla

Excellent for students.Teachers are very Cooperative.They take doubt sesssion regularly

Abha Sharma Image
Abha Sharma

Its an excellent Coaching Centre for medical stream.Everything is just wow, including faculty,study material. you all should opt it only for your career ahead. paticularly no suggestion but some teachers aren't very good they just focus on toppers .So please you should change it and focus on others too please!

Mandeep Kaur Image
Mandeep Kaur

Really a very good coaching institute for NEET,AIMS as well as IIT-JEE aspirants.

Aisha Jamal Image
Aisha Jamal

Teachers are really hardworking. They give time as per students requirement &make every possible efforts to help us. I want to give suggestion that the test series which held in last will have atleast one week GAP. So that we have enough time to prepare.

ayush Image

Well educated teachers and study environment and moreover competitive environment

Shubham Gupta Image
Shubham Gupta

Good institute for non-medical

shivanilamba Image

Best teachers ever study material

Puneet Chopra Image
Puneet Chopra

Best teachers and good institute for competitive exam.

Piyush Sehgal Image
Piyush Sehgal

Good institute if you are aiming for jee mains and advance...good test series also

Palak Aggarwal Image
Palak Aggarwal

Good institute....hard-working faculty

Nikita Image

Good institute if you are aiming for jee mains and advance

kiran Image

Best teachers and prep if you are aiming for non-medical....

Harsha malhotra Image
Harsha malhotra

Best teachers and good institute for competitive exam.....

Shona Rai Image
Shona Rai

Well experienced and dedicated teachers

gaganpreet oberoi Image
Gaganpreet oberoi

Good institute...

kritika mittal Image
Kritika mittal

Best institute to join....

rajdip mukhopadhyay Image
Rajdip mukhopadhyay

Best for the students who want to take preparation for the AIPMT enterence test.

Karan Image

Good Study.. Good Teachers..

sanjoli Image

Nice institute. Cooperative teachers. Very well ventilated. Clean and good environment.

nikita goyal Image
Nikita goyal

Best insitiute for prep of jee mains and iits....

Tejveer Saini Image
Tejveer Saini

Hey!! I studied for 2 years (+1,+2) acc. And now i am dropping from lakshaya allen doesn't focus on invidual that's the worst thing !! They just concentrate over the top batches!!

Harkirat Grewal Image
Harkirat Grewal

Overall best institute in india but in chandigarh our physical chem faculty is not upto mark but than too it is best

Vivek Brar Image
Vivek Brar

Awesome faculty But physics. Is not so good...confusing

ashish kunner Image
Ashish kunner

Allen ma bhot acchi padhai h Yaha par teachers b bhot acche h hame apne baccho ki tarah rakhte h I love my allen????

Sheena Brar Image
Sheena Brar

Maths class is very bad... Chem ok..

Sharma Ji Image
Sharma Ji

Very good institute in study

Abhyudaya Gupta Image
Abhyudaya Gupta

Its an excellent choice if you have science as your passion because the teachers in ALLEN provide a little exposure of the 11th and 12th course of maths and science. Its a pretty bad choice if you want to opt humanities as it would only burden you with the extra course. If you dont have any goal, then you must go for ALLEN!

Vaneet Kumar Image
Vaneet Kumar

Enter Your Reviews here..Good study Gud Teachers

amrit deep Image
Amrit deep

Allen is a very good institute for the preparation of competitive exams . here teachers are exceptionally good .and they provide very high level of education

Himanshu Saini Image
Himanshu Saini

Best institute in india

Sambhavi Gupta Image
Sambhavi Gupta

This is the best institute that we have have studied in .teachers here are like a family and motivate students every time.

Harsh Sahota Image
Harsh Sahota

Allen is extremely better than any other.Once you come here you cannot suggest any other institute for the preparations of such exams.Teachers give their best.So come here work hard and achieve anything.

Sahil Pa Tial Image
Sahil Pa Tial

Teachrs r gud n hardworking... :-)

Raghav Prashar Image
Raghav Prashar

Overall teachers are good n helpful !! They are well qualified n help everyone in every possible way

Dishant Kumar DK Image
Dishant Kumar DK

Awesome for science classes and maths helped me in my physics

vineet verma Image
Vineet verma

My overall experience was nice but one teacher was so bad he irritate me and he doesn't teach properly

All faculty was nice my favourite teachers is Anil tiwari sir parmod sir and vivek pathak sir

Study Material
I think there should be more questions in tha module

Test series
Yes test series was totally sufficient for cracking exam

Doubt Sessions
The session were amazing

The environment was good

Faculties: 5/5
Study Material: 4/5
Test series: 5/5
Doubt Sessions: 5/5
Environment: 3/5

Phogat Rajesh Image
Phogat Rajesh

THE BEST for preparing for neet exam.

Experience is nice. Favourite teacher's:-Mr.Amit trivedi, Mr.Sandeep Singh Grewal, Mr. Anil tiwary

Study Material
More than enough.Questions are of good level and previous year questions are also chapter wise.

Test series
Yes questions are of the same level which are asked in neet exam.

Doubt Sessions
Always ready to clear doubts.

Brilliant environment for study in the classroom as well as in campus..

Faculties: 5/5
Study Material: 5/5
Test series: 5/5
Doubt Sessions: 5/5
Environment: 5/5


It was wonderful experience there because faculty member are very experienced and taught us in a good way and overall study material they provided is also best for the test and at last l just to ALLEN for its better facility

Sandeep sir, Pranod sir , parven saini sir these all teachers are so good it does not mean that others are not good but l like their teaching way so much that's why

Study Material
They just providing good study material and all the questions come in the previous year exams that help us in understanding lots of about the way of questions that came in exam

Test series
All the test series are also much helping us during the session and for overall preparation of the exam in this time

Faculties: 5/5
Study Material: 5/5
Test series: 5/5

sapna mehta Image
Sapna mehta

Overall is good institute, teachers are teaching way is good , all doubts clear properly and focusing on individually by the teacher and very helpful nature and giving hostel and transportation

Both teachers are good they clear all doubts and every week they provide test series all teachers are good for us

Study Material
They provide good and helpful nots and every month they provide test and after test they clear all doubts they are very helpful

Test series
Every week they provide test series( chapter wise) and clear all series doubts properly and I'm very happy to join Allen institute for neet coaching

Faculties: 5/5
Study Material: 5/5
Test series: 5/5

Nitish Kathpal Image
Nitish Kathpal

Overall experience was satisfactory...doubt solving counters were facilities were upto the mark and help us a lot in copying up with all the problems whether it were study related or any other issues

Dr Nikhil singh chauhan Vidya sagar Pandey Sv sir All these teachers were good in their respective subjects...they were good in doubt solving and took our queries seriously.

Study Material
Yess study material is was enough to solve previous year question papers...questions were of different types as asked in previous exams

Test series
Yes test series is good to qualify exam..test series is enough to pass the exam...helped a lot in clearing all concepts

Faculties: 4/5
Study Material: 5/5
Test series: 5/5

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