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Allen Career Institute in Kota is a name that has dominated the domains of pre-medical and engineering entrance exam coaching for many years now. The institute now also prepares students for Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY, etc. and has made its mark in these exams too. With a very strong technological infrastructure in place, Allen Kota has ensured top performance, audio-visual support and online platforms for tests. In addition to classroom coaching, the institute also provides Distance Learning Programs, e-Learning, Online Test Series and AllenTab. Online Test Series is also available for GATE and NEET PG exams. With a strong pool of some of the best and stable faculty, Allen Career Institute in Kota provides a great learning experience to students. They consider each and every student important and help them prepare. The institute has kept pace with the changing examination trends and has updated as and when required. The study material is meticulously designed. The institute also focuses on the overall development of the student. This is evident by the presence of well-equipped science laboratories, yoga sessions, mentorship programs, workshops and so on. There are scholarships available for meritorious students depending on certain criteria.

Courses Offered

Allen Career Institute in Kota, Rajasthan, offers the following courses.
1. Pre-Nurture Courses - These are the courses meant for students of class 6 to class 8. They cover Science, Maths, English, Social Science, and Mental Ability. The courses are NCERT based and they help the students develop necessary skills and understanding for doing well in school exams as well Olympiads. Admission is through ASAT and TALLENTEX.

2. Career Foundation Courses - These courses are for students of class 9 and class 10. They help to build a strong foundation for higher classes and equip the students with the knowledge and skills to help them do well in entrance exams, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and school exams. Admission is through ASAT and TALLENTEX.

3. Pre-Medical Courses - For NEET-UG and AIIMS MBBS entrance exam preparation, Allen has been leading the way. From lecture classes, revision classes and board classes, to major and minor tests, workshops, doubt counters and AIIMS entrance classes – Allen Kota ensures a structured framework that helps give the students a competitive edge. The following courses are offered.
Nurture – This is a two-year course for students studying in class 11. 
Enthusiast – This is a one year course for students studying in class 12.
Leader – This course is aimed at students who have completed class 12 or are appearing for class 12 exams. Its duration is one year.
Achiever – For Ex-Allen Kota students who have completed class 12 and are repeating the preparation, the Achiever course is designed to help them achieve more. The duration of this course is one year.

4. Engineering Entrance Courses - Two sets of courses are offered at Allen – for JEE Main and for JEE (Main + Advanced). The features attached to the courses include doubt classes, lecture classes, various tests, practical classes and much more. The courses are as follows.
Nurture – This is a two-year course for students studying in class 11. 
Enthusiast – This is a one year course for students studying in class 12.
Leader – This course is aimed at students who have completed class 12 or are appearing for class 12 exams. Its duration is one year.
Achiever – For Ex-Allen students who have completed class 12 and are repeating the preparation, the Achiever course is designed to help them achieve more. The duration of this course is one year.

To sum it up, Allen Career Institute fee structure provides some of the best education under affordable rates. Also, the institute helps to develop students, an analytical mind, a positive attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence.  

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ALLEN Career Institute Reviews

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Ipshita kumar
Ipshita kumar Image

ALLEN is a private institute which provide coaching for those students who are preparing for IIT, AIPMT, AIIMS, and Olympiads.I joined the ALLEN for the preparation of IIT -JEE. It is an entrance exam to get admission in Engineering colleges known as IITs . The ALLEN is best coaching for the preparation of IIT JEE . The classes are of 6 hrs daily. Sunday is fix for the test and doubt class, one Sunday test and on another doubt class. Every one prepare there for one's dream. The teachers are very careful about the students. They notice every student. There is separate section in ALLEN which analyze the performance of the students in the class. If some one is not on the way to success the teachers will call him at head office and ask about his problems, and solve the problems. In class teacher use projector to teach the students clearly. They uses mike-speaker system so that everyone can easily listen the lecture. They provide study material which help the to understand the topic easily.The environment of the coaching too good for the purpose of study. The ALLEN provide both Medium( HINDI AND ENGLISH) .The teachers of both medium are very well in their field. So the my experience for ALLEN is that any who wants IIT,AIPMT, AIIMS etc come and join the institute. He/ she will definitely get success. Thank You.

Diyasha Biswas
Diyasha Biswas Image

No doubt its best coaching institute in India,my friend studied 2 year in ALLEN ,such a wonderful classes schedule and proper learning tips are given ....also lot of thing depends on student if he/she don't want to study, then ALLEN can not show magic. its a place where people get success by doing lot of hard work for really hard worker student its a temple .

Sudarshan Tripathi
Sudarshan Tripathi Image

Now without beating about the bush let me tell you the system with which this coaching institute admits you. it first takes the entrance test in which everyone gets qualified and then it starts classifying the quality of students right from there it takes the top rankers and make batch with them and throw the lower rank holder of entrance exam to a batch in which no good faculties are sent. they send all their excellent faculties in the top ranker batch in which they teach them in quite good manner and all the lower rankers are put in a batch where least rated faculties are sent lower rankers are put like herd of animals in that batch and they are taught nearly nothing there. they have a system of rating their teachers and the least rated are sent in lower batches and those who get quite good feedbacks from the students are sent to the top batches. actually what all they want is good ranks from their centers and they do not pay heed to the students of lower batches and makes star for the students of higher or so called top ranker batches.

Abhinav sarkar
Abhinav sarkar Image

This is one of the best instute for sciense students. Students who seek curear in engineering sector are advised to take this institution as their first choice. They have got a great faculty, great atmosphere for studies & they provide their own study material which is really beneficial and effective . Science Student of classes XI & XII are most likely to join the institution . IF you want to crack JEE entrance exam join this institute, Its excellent .

Saurabh Thakur
Saurabh Thakur Image

ALLEN CARRER INSTITUTE is one of the best institution, genuinely amazing.They don’t only teach but make an healthy environment for learning. Amicable method of teaching is the best thing I like about it. Only the thing which is to be improved here is decreasing the class strength because the students are not comfortable in a crowded class room with 100 - 150 students in each class. So if this problem will be solved then, there is no other best institute than ALLEN...

Bhavik Patel
Bhavik Patel Image

It is a very high level institute, it is growing in india very very fast, its study material is so difficult to get understand, I took dlp program though the institute, it is so popular now a days .an intelligent student always takes dlp program from here It has spread all over the india, every student should be proud of ALLEN in indià, all material of the institute are attracting, and good It give rise to the top rankers of india, AIR are always in top 10 from this institution, canteen facility is also available in the institute, I suggest you to join the institute in 11th class, it would be very helpful for you and your future,

Ashutosh Bhagat
Ashutosh Bhagat Image

Being a student of ALLEN CARRER INSTITUTE I must say that whole staff is just awesome and help students to prepare well, to grow well. Like other institutes it doesn't contain any type of partiality in between the students . So I must say if you are preparing for medical you must join ALLEN.

Ambedkar oraon
Ambedkar oraon Image

It is a best place for students, where students can make his/her own destiny.all teacher of this institutions are well trained and well experienced, they provide better educational which was needed for a students. Students feel better environment for study. Faculties of this institution are available 24 hours for students. Many students choose his own destinations through this institutions. All syllabus are followed systematic way with his faculties. I like this institutions very well.

Anand kishor singh
Anand kishor singh Image

In my opinion now a days the as per the technology demand and forecasting of the present cenario in future different educational institutes are growing like mushroom but the tale that all that glitters are not good .in this ways ALLEN CARRER INSTITUTE is the educational institute which make facilitate the growing students who are preparing for the engineering and other top entrance examination, it gives the right path and guidance to the students for the career truth for the preparation of the entrance examination as per the present scenario and standard of the course as per the demand of the exams like our etc.it has the right way to take the course for the stds for their preparition and very similar case studies as per the present study patterns.

Akshat Sinha
Akshat Sinha Image

As we know IIT entrance examination is the toughest one for qualifying. student must have strong basic concept, in this coaching institute teacher interacts with student personally, some student hesitate to put their problem in classroom in this coaching teacher are so good, they clear student's doubt any time whether it is day or night!

Abhishek Ravi
Abhishek Ravi Image

I would not recommend any one of you to go and study in this institution because so much pressure is there on children , they make us do lots of homework , which could not b completed sometimes. facultys are good ,solves doubts but there are lots of students in class .

aviral jain
aviral jain Image

its dream to every science student to use creativity and resolution in engg. areas where they can prove themselves to be achieved in position of great engineers in IIT level exam , allen prove their banner as a leader to dream come true for lots of students.....

prashant mishra
prashant mishra Image

best faculties and good facilities.......... teachers are very helping and best guidance is provided....

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