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ALLEN Career Institute Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
AIIMS - ENTHUSIAST : 1 Year Course for Class XII Students
CLASS - X - Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation Course
CLASS - IX - Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation Course
CLASS - VIII - Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation Course
CLASS - VII - Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation Course
CLASS - VI - Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation Course
AIIMS - ACHIEVER : 1 Year Course for Ex-ALLEN / XII Passed in 2018 or before Students i.e. repeaters (English / Hindi Medium Students)
NEET - ACHIEVER : 1 Year Course for Ex-ALLEN / XII Passed in 2018 or before Students i.e. repeaters (English / Hindi Medium Students)
AIIMS - LEADER : 1 Year Course for Class XII Passed/Appeared (English / Hindi Medium Students)
NEET - LEADER : 1 Year Course for Class XII Passed/Appeared (English / Hindi Medium Students)
IIT-JEE(Main+Advanced) - NURTURE : 2 Year Course for Class XI Students
1**************r fees)/-
NEET - ENTHUSIAST : 1 Year Course for Class XII Students
AIIMS- NURTURE : 2 Year Course for Class XI Students
1***************yr fees)/-
NEET - NURTURE : 2 Year Course for Class XI Students
1***************yr fees)/-
IIT-JEE(Mains) - ACHIEVER : 1 Year Course for Ex-ALLEN / XII Passed in 2018 or before Students i.e. repeaters (English / Hindi Medium Students)
IIT-JEE(Mains) - LEADER : 1 Year Course for Class XII Passed/Appeared Students (English / Hindi Medium)
IIT-JEE(Mains) - ENTHUSIAST : 1 Year Course for Class XII Students (English / Hindi Medium)
IIT-JEE (Mains) - NURTURE : 2 Year Course for Class XI Students (English / Hindi Medium)
IIT-JEE(Main+Advanced) - LEADER : 1 Year Course for Class XII Passed/Appeared Students (English / Hindi Medium)
IIT-JEE(Main+Advanced) - ENTHUSIAST : 1 Year Course for Class XII Students (English / Hindi Medium)
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About ALLEN Career Institute

Allen Career Institute in Kota is a name that has dominated the domains of pre-medical and engineering entrance exam coaching for many years now. The institute now also prepares students for Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY, etc. and has made its mark in these exams too. With a very strong technological infrastructure in place, Allen Kota has ensured top performance, audio-visual support and online platforms for tests. In addition to classroom coaching, the institute also provides Distance Learning Programs, e-Learning, Online Test Series and AllenTab. Online Test Series is also available for GATE and NEET PG exams. With a strong pool of some of the best and stable faculty, Allen Career Institute in Kota provides a great learning experience to students. They consider each and every student important and help them prepare. The institute has kept pace with the changing examination trends and has updated as and when required. The study material is meticulously designed. The institute also focuses on the overall development of the student. This is evident by the presence of well-equipped science laboratories, yoga sessions, mentorship programs, workshops and so on. There are scholarships available for meritorious students depending on certain criteria.

Courses Offered

Allen Career Institute in Kota, Rajasthan, offers the following courses.
1. Pre-Nurture Courses - These are the courses meant for students of class 6 to class 8. They cover Science, Maths, English, Social Science, and Mental Ability. The courses are NCERT based and they help the students develop necessary skills and understanding for doing well in school exams as well Olympiads. Admission is through ASAT and TALLENTEX.

2. Career Foundation Courses - These courses are for students of class 9 and class 10. They help to build a strong foundation for higher classes and equip the students with the knowledge and skills to help them do well in entrance exams, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and school exams. Admission is through ASAT and TALLENTEX.

3. Pre-Medical Courses - For NEET-UG and AIIMS MBBS entrance exam preparation, Allen has been leading the way. From lecture classes, revision classes and board classes, to major and minor tests, workshops, doubt counters and AIIMS entrance classes – Allen Kota ensures a structured framework that helps give the students a competitive edge. The following courses are offered.
Nurture – This is a two-year course for students studying in class 11. 
Enthusiast – This is a one year course for students studying in class 12.
Leader – This course is aimed at students who have completed class 12 or are appearing for class 12 exams. Its duration is one year.
Achiever – For Ex-Allen Kota students who have completed class 12 and are repeating the preparation, the Achiever course is designed to help them achieve more. The duration of this course is one year.

4. Engineering Entrance Courses - Two sets of courses are offered at Allen – for JEE Main and for JEE (Main + Advanced). The features attached to the courses include doubt classes, lecture classes, various tests, practical classes and much more. The courses are as follows.
Nurture – This is a two-year course for students studying in class 11. 
Enthusiast – This is a one year course for students studying in class 12.
Leader – This course is aimed at students who have completed class 12 or are appearing for class 12 exams. Its duration is one year.
Achiever – For Ex-Allen students who have completed class 12 and are repeating the preparation, the Achiever course is designed to help them achieve more. The duration of this course is one year.

To sum it up, Allen Career Institute fee structure provides some of the best education under affordable rates. Also, the institute helps to develop students, an analytical mind, a positive attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence.  

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ALLEN Career Institute Reviews

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aviral jain Image
Aviral jain Verified

Its dream to every science student to use creativity and resolution in engg. areas where they can prove themselves to be achieved in position of great engineers in IIT level exam , allen prove their banner as a leader to dream come true for lots of students.....

prashant mishra Image
Prashant mishra Verified

Best faculties and good facilities.......... teachers are very helping and best guidance is provided....

Ipshita kumar Image
Ipshita kumar Verified

ALLEN is a private institute which provide coaching for those students who are preparing for IIT, AIPMT, AIIMS, and Olympiads.I joined the ALLEN for the preparation of IIT -JEE. It is an entrance exam to get admission in Engineering colleges known as IITs . The ALLEN is best coaching for the preparation of IIT JEE . The classes are of 6 hrs daily. Sunday is fix for the test and doubt class, one Sunday test and on another doubt class. Every one prepare there for one's dream. The teachers are very careful about the students. They notice every student. There is separate section in ALLEN which analyze the performance of the students in the class. If some one is not on the way to success the teachers will call him at head office and ask about his problems, and solve the problems. In class teacher use projector to teach the students clearly. They uses mike-speaker system so that everyone can easily listen the lecture. They provide study material which help the to understand the topic easily.The environment of the coaching too good for the purpose of study. The ALLEN provide both Medium( HINDI AND ENGLISH) .The teachers of both medium are very well in their field. So the my experience for ALLEN is that any who wants IIT,AIPMT, AIIMS etc come and join the institute. He/ she will definitely get success. Thank You.

Diyasha Biswas Image
Diyasha Biswas Verified

No doubt its best coaching institute in India,my friend studied 2 year in ALLEN ,such a wonderful classes schedule and proper learning tips are given ....also lot of thing depends on student if he/she don't want to study, then ALLEN can not show magic. its a place where people get success by doing lot of hard work for really hard worker student its a temple .

Sudarshan Tripathi Image
Sudarshan Tripathi Verified

Now without beating about the bush let me tell you the system with which this coaching institute admits you. it first takes the entrance test in which everyone gets qualified and then it starts classifying the quality of students right from there it takes the top rankers and make batch with them and throw the lower rank holder of entrance exam to a batch in which no good faculties are sent. they send all their excellent faculties in the top ranker batch in which they teach them in quite good manner and all the lower rankers are put in a batch where least rated faculties are sent lower rankers are put like herd of animals in that batch and they are taught nearly nothing there. they have a system of rating their teachers and the least rated are sent in lower batches and those who get quite good feedbacks from the students are sent to the top batches. actually what all they want is good ranks from their centers and they do not pay heed to the students of lower batches and makes star for the students of higher or so called top ranker batches.

Abhinav sarkar Image
Abhinav sarkar Verified

This is one of the best instute for sciense students. Students who seek curear in engineering sector are advised to take this institution as their first choice. They have got a great faculty, great atmosphere for studies & they provide their own study material which is really beneficial and effective . Science Student of classes XI & XII are most likely to join the institution . IF you want to crack JEE entrance exam join this institute, Its excellent .

Saurabh Thakur Image
Saurabh Thakur Verified

ALLEN CARRER INSTITUTE is one of the best institution, genuinely amazing.They don’t only teach but make an healthy environment for learning. Amicable method of teaching is the best thing I like about it. Only the thing which is to be improved here is decreasing the class strength because the students are not comfortable in a crowded class room with 100 - 150 students in each class. So if this problem will be solved then, there is no other best institute than ALLEN...

Ashutosh Bhagat Image
Ashutosh Bhagat Verified

Being a student of ALLEN CARRER INSTITUTE I must say that whole staff is just awesome and help students to prepare well, to grow well. Like other institutes it doesn't contain any type of partiality in between the students . So I must say if you are preparing for medical you must join ALLEN.

Ambedkar oraon Image
Ambedkar oraon Verified

It is a best place for students, where students can make his/her own destiny.all teacher of this institutions are well trained and well experienced, they provide better educational which was needed for a students. Students feel better environment for study. Faculties of this institution are available 24 hours for students. Many students choose his own destinations through this institutions. All syllabus are followed systematic way with his faculties. I like this institutions very well.

Anand kishor singh Image
Anand kishor singh Verified

In my opinion now a days the as per the technology demand and forecasting of the present cenario in future different educational institutes are growing like mushroom but the tale that all that glitters are not good .in this ways ALLEN CARRER INSTITUTE is the educational institute which make facilitate the growing students who are preparing for the engineering and other top entrance examination, it gives the right path and guidance to the students for the career truth for the preparation of the entrance examination as per the present scenario and standard of the course as per the demand of the exams like our has the right way to take the course for the stds for their preparition and very similar case studies as per the present study patterns.

Akshat Sinha Image
Akshat Sinha Verified

As we know IIT entrance examination is the toughest one for qualifying. student must have strong basic concept, in this coaching institute teacher interacts with student personally, some student hesitate to put their problem in classroom in this coaching teacher are so good, they clear student's doubt any time whether it is day or night!

Abhishek Ravi Image
Abhishek Ravi Verified

I would not recommend any one of you to go and study in this institution because so much pressure is there on children , they make us do lots of homework , which could not b completed sometimes. facultys are good ,solves doubts but there are lots of students in class .

Bhavik Patel Image
Bhavik Patel Verified

It is a very high level institute, it is growing in india very very fast, its study material is so difficult to get understand, I took dlp program though the institute, it is so popular now a days .an intelligent student always takes dlp program from here It has spread all over the india, every student should be proud of ALLEN in indià, all material of the institute are attracting, and good It give rise to the top rankers of india, AIR are always in top 10 from this institution, canteen facility is also available in the institute, I suggest you to join the institute in 11th class, it would be very helpful for you and your future,

Gurbhej Image

They have had much better staff then other coaching academies out there in the academy. They have been really very better of the furniture and then has had been better environment for the studies in the coaching academy which has had been amazing in this coaching institution at around this institutuon.

Aditya Yogeshwar Image
Aditya Yogeshwar

There are the monthly tests which help the students of this coaching to take over any question taught in the coaching academy in here at around this institution.

Shiva kant Image
Shiva kant

One of the best coaching institute inside ALLEN Career Institute , it has been my pleasure studying in this coaching institute in this city. This one is probably the best one in town which you think has had been the best.

Amrit Narayan Rai Image
Amrit Narayan Rai

The coaching institute has constantly given the best involvement in learning and in seeking after you had always wanted. The staff has consistently helped students past desires This is an amazingly fine institute.

Gomsi Image

The institute is good for those who work hard great things at the institution so far inside this place and also who trust himself/herself institute which is some brilliant stuff.

Shaikh Mohammed Tohid Image
Shaikh Mohammed Tohid

In this study material, the entire chapter are given in sequence it is very easy to read. All the chapter are given in a short form for faster preparation here which is great stuff here at this academy.

akash Kalsait Image
Akash Kalsait

Students take the weekly test for checking their improvement here which is great stuff here at this academy and it is nice.

Astha Prajapati Image
Astha Prajapati

Faculties always motivate the students and tell them some small tips for their life. The students are also taught tricks to solve the questions quickly here which is great stuff here at this academy.

Sharnjeet kaur Image
Sharnjeet kaur

They adopted very different and good way for at the time of preparation here which is great stuff here at this academy. They administrate very well.

Bhavesh Parashar Image
Bhavesh Parashar

At this institute there are faculties who help us inside this amazing institute around to improve our analytical skills.

Abhijeet sanjay deshpande Image
Abhijeet sanjay deshpande

The faculty members also interact with the students and clarify their doubts here which is great stuff here at this academy.

Vinay Pal Image
Vinay Pal

It was such a brilliant experience to present in front of the coaching institute at ALLEN Career Institute for kinda these courses.

Dolly Image

Classes are huge and its good after all, I mean it! Good enough batches have batch strength of 150 and many students of other batches too come to attend few classes and its good after all.

shivangi Image

They create their own study material. In their modules, there is theory, explanations, illustrations and many unsolved questions and its good after all.


The staff is prompt and accommodating as in for this exam herein. Their mock tests would help you a lot. They provided us with training workshops which motivated us a lot.

O P Yadav Image
O P Yadav

Teachers are very useful and understanding. The institute emphasis on current affairs and vocabulary as in for this exam herein. Study materials are provided for the same.

Harsh Sharma Image
Harsh Sharma

Test arrangement are phenomenal. The video addresses are demonstrated useful as in for this exam herein.

Dnyaneshwar Khose Image
Dnyaneshwar Khose

The faculty at the coaching academy has been really amazing in this particular institute here and help the students to face any of the doubt which they face in around.

Ashutosh Image

The faculty of this coaching institute is basically nice in this particular institute here, as some of the teachers are being there in the perhaps that the best I’ve had ever seen, which has been great while the few others are really on average at the point which has had been there.

Jasdeep singh Image
Jasdeep singh

There are Regular tests which inside this amazingly institute around are conducted and the analysis would be provided on a weekly basis in the institute.


There are smart boards in the classes inside this amazing institute and the teaching rooms which helps in the clear visibility.

Santoshkumar Sharma Image
Santoshkumar Sharma

The students get to learn all of the subjectsit’s been great in here which they think they would need for exams preparation like them

Monu kumar Image
Monu kumar

I found it really hard to solve the questions, the teachers never gave up on me , they made me understand the formulasfor the time being here and tricks to solve the questions.

ANKIT kumar yadav Image
ANKIT kumar yadav

The coaching has got the most experienced teachers who are experts in their particular subjectsthis academy is brilliantly amazing.

Arvind kumar Patel Image
Arvind kumar Patel

Classrooms atmosphere is also goodthis academy is brilliantly amazing. A healthy environment is assured by the administration.

Satveer kaur Image
Satveer kaur

Group discussion and the doubt clearing classeshere around this great academy here around are to make students of the coaching are very confident about subject knowledge.Its convenient in here at this coaching centre

Mahesh gaikar Image
Mahesh gaikar

We all realize that administration part work is one of the esteemed employments in here In my view training is most vital for this in light of the fact that by instructing we as a whole catch ours with a legitimate way ALLEN Career Institute is a great coaching for this exam.

Himanshi Image

Their sham tests would help for this academy centreyou a great deal. They furnished us with preparing workshops which mixed us a ton.

Anand Kumar Image
Anand Kumar

Its branches are accessible all over Indiafor this academy centre. It is similarly extraordinary in development. Representatives are useful.

Arshil Image

Over all the classes are goodexaminations you are looking for we have to do more things about it.

Ruksana MANSURY Image

There are Orientation sessions which are also organised in exams like these are in a way which they have told.

Purva Image

There is educated faculty in the coaching and the staff in exams like these are of the coaching as compared to others.

Dev Image

One time fees and life time study is unique feature of this institute.Time bound test and capable faculty for the leads to sure resultthis institute is great for this.

Sonal Suryakant Brahmankar Image
Sonal Suryakant Brahmankar

One thing is not good of this academic institute is high fees and those who is looking for low fees academic institute should not join exams you are looking for.

Anil Rana Image
Anil Rana

At this institute the teachers come fully prepared with the course structurefor the time being here. The structure is explained properly in the class .


Test series a prominent one right off building and jogging you concepts both basics as well as advanced topics for this studious environment

Chulu Image

The periodic tests are taken to improve inside this brilliant institute around here the self assessment of the students.

Poulami dutta Image
Poulami dutta

The teachers at the coaching institute motivates in those examinations the students to work hard to the level best.

Priyansh shukla Image
Priyansh shukla

I found it really hard to solve the questions provided by this coaching institute inside this coaching in those examinations , but the teachers never gave up on me, and this is what I love about this coaching institute.

Abhigyan Image

This is one of the best coaching institution in here. The way of teaching and the methodology is very precise and clear all kind of doubt which we ask from the academy which has had been there at this point for these exams at this centre.

Neetu Image

Study Material a class distinct for these courses for these courses for these exams. Find the solutions a very effective tool in my subject studies. Thanks a lot

Ramjeet Kumar Image
Ramjeet Kumar

This exam where speed is of the supreme importance at this great study ambience. If you looking to crack this exam within the stipulated time then this coaching centre is a must.

Ravishankar bharti Image
Ravishankar bharti

Peaceful study and doubt counters which is great about this institute. Also good faculties.

sunny Image

The counsellors here are so Active and polite providing all the necessary details regarding the admission process in the coaching institutes.

janit Image

Students of the coaching institution are taught with state of art course materials, video lectures, and classroom participation in the coaching.

Suresh Image

This coaching institute has had always given the better attention towards the every understudy and instruct in simpler manner any understudy of any class can get it.

kamlesh Image

This coaching institution is very good for building basic concept or conceptual knowledge.Their faculties are highly experience and they provide every concept in detail their class.

Namneet Image

Best institute is this one I have had ever visit. Their service was awesome. Their faculty was awesome. Thank you so much for your help and support.

gurtej singh Image
Gurtej singh

Faculty of the coaching institute is very cooperative and helpful.They also conduct different group activities to improve the speaking skills.Best institute for spoken english.

Sankalp Image

The way of the teaching at the coaching institute is very good and Understands the problems of each and every student.

Nikhil Image

Students take weekly test for checking their improvement and it is nice in the coaching institute.

Leepika sahota Image
Leepika sahota

An experienced and a supportive faculty producing very good results in jee main and advanced exams.

amanpreet Image

Highly dedicated and experienced staff. A premier of the institute there in which is providing maximum teaching hours. Small batches with best infrastructure.

Sumit kumar Image
Sumit kumar

A coaching institute for medical and IIT entrance, good coaching institute with proven record.

Kulwinder chand Image
Kulwinder chand

There are motivational sessions are organized from time to time. there is an exam in about every 15 days that is enough for exam practice of the coaching.


The most appreciating thing of this coaching centre is that they use to conduct the test of the student at proper interval which is equivalent to the competitive exams, the students are going to attend. this practice definitely ensures the development of competitiveness amongst the student.

Harshit Image

Excellent institute with great facility in context to teaching skills, overall individual attention on each students.their core aim is to pick each student's weak area and to work on those areas which effect students ranking.

Abhishek Image

Well organised & managed institute for preparation of the Competitive exams for JEE & NEET.

ratan lal Image
Ratan lal

The teachers are very sweet, motivational and inspiring. They have really helped me to improve my marks.


The faculty motivates you and makes you believe in yourself​. The mentors not only teach the subject but they make you dream your B-school, they teach you to value time you have, to secure your place and make that dream-Real.

Sanjiv Image

My experience was stupendous . I will prefer who ever desires to achieve their goals must join this institution.

Saurav Image

The teachers at the coaching institute are brilliant.

Akhil Image

The institute is really influencing.

sakshi Image

The tests are the best one could get.

Kanishk Gupta Image
Kanishk Gupta

As a student I feel very lucky to study in this institute which gave me a good and proper guidance for preparation of IIT JEE!!

Raj Kumar Image
Raj Kumar

Amazingly reliable staff. Most of the bases are told all on over here. The connection is flooding with supporters who help you through every thick and dainty.

Sangeeta Image

Teachers are well efficient in teaching which is a great thing and provide good environment for learning here at this cochng centre.

Aviral Image

Good and Dedicated teachers which is a great thing here at this cochng centre. The total experience was good and fruitful. I was with them for four months, the course really helped me to reach my optimum.

Nasreen shaikh Image
Nasreen shaikh

I like their test series and coaching it help me to cover up all syllabus in time along with depth which is a great thing dedicated teachers who believe in strengthening students fundamentals here at this cochng centre.

Shubam Goel Image
Shubam Goel

This place is really awesome and teachers are too friendly which is a great thing here at this cochng centre.

Rina Image

The faculty is quite good and supporting, environment is quite good. One of the best institute over here in this place brilliantly.

Anju godara Image
Anju godara

They do give really good practise questions over here in this place brilliantly, with units divided in terms of toughness and type of questions.

Hardeep Kaur Image
Hardeep Kaur

The thing that differentiates the academy from other institutes is the emphasis that the faculty places over here in this place brilliantly, not just on understanding the concept and applying them, but on how best to think about a problem.

Ishan Gautam Image
Ishan Gautam

The institute provides educational environment necessary for achieving dreams of students over here in this place brilliantly. Overall experience of mine is very good.

Simran goyal Image
Simran goyal

Teachers are very dedicated to their work. Thank you so much to all. One can reach one's goal with the help and guidance of the faculty over here in this place brilliantly.

Piyu Image

I have had discovered one of the best resources in the classes over here. Material is fantastic. Whatever they train you in classes is adequate to comprehend the idea.

Geetika Image

It helps the children to face various challenges related to career which is a great thing. They provide the appreciable facility and service here at this cochng centre. The teachers and staff are very cooperative and supportive towards there students.

Ankush Image

I have taken the coaching from many institutions but then I found out that this one is really the best one amongst them for many reasons like the best faculty, test series and much more as in this exam.

ALok Kumar Image
ALok Kumar

Progressive thinkers. A peach of institute in here. Thanks for the coaching

navjot Image

I believe that this coaching is one of trhe best coaching institutes in this town for many many reasons like the test series and the doubt counters in this coaching institute which yu may see.

Ashish Image

The exam is really hard but the efforts of the teachers make it really very simle for the students.

Jai bhagwan Image
Jai bhagwan

The coaching institution has always an exceptionally experienced workforce, the greater part of the personnel members(For Maths, Physics and science) are from IIT and NIT.

Aanandita Image

This has been very genuine of the coaching class. Its academic progression is also very good, I would like to recommend all students to join.

Shekhar suman Image
Shekhar suman

If you would have wanted a bright future you should join this. Trust me this is one of the best Institute of India.

meemansa vashishth Image
Meemansa vashishth

If any of the student here follows all instructions then definitely he/she achieves a certain goal.

Rosie Image

The classrooms of the coaching institute are spacious and well air-conditioned. The main building beside the city mall is amazing and has an excellent infrastructure.

Nikhil Tanwar Image
Nikhil Tanwar

The quality of the teaching is excellent and the classes are just awesome. They are equipped with AC

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