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Abhimanu Ias Study Group Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
IAS Pre Cum Mains
1 Yr
PCS Pre Cum Mains
1 Yr
HCS Pre Cum Mains
1 Yr
HAS Pre Cum Mains
1 Yr
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About Abhimanu Ias Study Group

The craze of clearing the civil services exam is soaring high each year. The will to clear is rising too. The success rate of clearing the exam is still feeble. Still, it is no new thing to see students thronging civil services coaching centres every morning with a hope that one day; they would serve the nation in their own capacity and serve the nation. At the same time, the perks, both monetary and non-monetary, along with a reputable status drives the aspirant in them, making them ready for another day of hard work, determination as well as commitment.
This is a common sight at coaching centres.
One such coaching centre is Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh that has the ability to help you sail through the civil services exam with great ease. However, it does require the same amount of tenacity from the student as much as it put in itself.
Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh believes in education with commitment, which has been its motto since its inception. Founded and led by Praveen Bansal in the year 1999, this place understands the changing patterns of the exam and therefore moulds its teaching strategy accordingly so as to stay competitive enough to compete and run parallel to several other civil services coaching centres in the city and its vicinity. Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh has produced around 1200 civil servants till date, which is a feat in itself and needs no explanation. Well, the results speak for itself, be it any coaching centre for that matter.
Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh blends resources, time as well as interest into one and gives it the right direction through the right mentoring that is imperative for good preparation. 

Vision and mission:

The vision and mission of Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh is to impart quality and excellent training to people who have the will to clear one of the most reputed and indeed, the toughest entrance exams in the country. Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh has not only proliferated vertically but also horizontally. It is an organization of like-minded people who believe in teamwork and constantly strive towards ensuring that the coaching centre moves towards innovation as well as concerted efforts.
Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh’s coaching is not limited to its classroom lectures but very well extends to its study material which is made understood to the students using modern teaching methods with support from some of the best experts and teachers in this field. A system of organized lectures that run parallel with worksheets makes study interesting and quite informative, leaving no scope for wastage of time.


The following courses are offered by Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh. Take a look.
• Integrated three years graduation cum civil services programme: this programme is suited for students who have made up their mind right after school that they want to crack the coveted exam. This course has a comprehensive coverage for general studies. This course is aimed at reconciling both career building needs as the time for extra activities during one’s college life. Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh offers a free revision for this course.

• Two-year weekend general studies  Programme: this course holds classes on weekends only and a total time of around 3-4 hours is spent in study. The entire syllabus of general studies is covered here. You always have the option of converting this course to a one year course later. So in case, you feel that this course is taxing, you can always choose to switch. 

• One Year Regular Course (Morning, evening or Afternoon ):  this course offers to teach for 6 odd hours each day. Revisions, as well as tests, run parallel in this course. You can opt for this course either during the final year of your graduation or once you have completed the same.

• Value addition courses: in case one feels that multiple classes and several hours of coaching are not rendering any benefit, one can always avail this course. At Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh, experts with over 20 years of experience ensure strategic counseling and this service comes free of cost. The whole prep of a student is assessed objectively and he is advised as per the same. The same goes for mains prep.

• Test series course: the test series course is a must for every civil service aspirant. Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh strives to ensure that these tests are on the same lines as the civil services exam. There is special staff at Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh for making, conducting as well as discussing the tests. This service is available for both, pre as well as mains.

• Interview prep course: interview forms the last stage of a civil services exam. It is the most important stage since it involves the max. number of marks involved in the exam. One has to be pretty confident of himself to face the same. A panel of highly qualified experts judges the student by asking him the question about anything under the sun. Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh ensures that students give multiple numbers of mock interviews so that they are able to face the final day with great ease. 

Salient features of Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh:

• Online support system: through the online support system, Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh ensures that a student can get his doubts cleared sitting in the comfort of his house. One can participate in online discussion forums so as to ask the question and get it answered from experts and other faculty members. This is an essential part of the learning process since once gets to study at any point of time during the day without actually having to travel to the coaching centre.

• Testing system: the foolproof testing system is a great way to ensure that students do no fear the exam day. Often, ample practice leads to nowhere since students freak out when the actual question paper appears in front of time. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that a lot of students face this problem. The testing scheme at Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh is a humble attempt to make students exam ready. Tests at Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh are held in a proper examination type environment where students are supposed to attempt the questions within a stipulated time frame.

• Faculty: the faculty at Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh is unmatched. With over years of experience in their coffers, we wouldn’t be lying if we say that as aspirant gets to learn from the best minds in the country at Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh.

• Tips and tricks: constant endeavors to upload meaningful ricks and tricks of the website of the coaching centre help students learn about attempting the exam better.

• Concessions: Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh is quite open about concessions. All you have to do is just enquire about the same. If you are eligible, you surely stand a chance of cut in the regular fee.

• Library: a well-stocked library is an asset of every institute. Abhimanu IAS, Chandigarh has a library that is well ventilated. You can have access to all sorts of books here pertaining to the civil services exam. Moreover, these reference books are updated regularly so that students can take note of the latest happenings in and around the world.
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Abhimanu Ias Study Group Reviews

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prince raj Image
Prince raj

The coaching institution has had been really smart and dedicated teachers. They always keeps on inspiring and motivating to do better in our lives at Abhimanu Ias Study Group around this city.

Devvart Dabas Image
Devvart Dabas

It has had been amazing which has had been there on how they are so good at prioritising the syllabus for their students which makes it very easy for us to get visibly better results in the mock tests has had bee at Abhimanu Ias Study Group around this city.

pratham Image

It has been such a great place to build the self- confidence at Abhimanu Ias Study Group around this city and to improve your academic skills in this institution.


The faculty is really interactive and are always ready to resolve tour doubts for Abhimanu Ias Study Group for courses present here.

Ghanshyam Image

The tests are usually tougher than the last years paper and hence is a fair indication as to what score can be achieved in the exam for Abhimanu Ias Study Group for courses present here.

Bhadur Image

Arithmetic and then pure maths taught within the simple shortcuts of the help to solve the paper in fraction of seconds for these type of exams.

Deepak Meena Image
Deepak Meena

A calibre of full of stars you can in their teaching department for these kinda exams especially maths and English teachers. A very purposeful coaching institute

Anuj Kumar Image
Anuj Kumar

Effective training of mind is prevailed here by one of the best faculty. Experience never lies and I have one of the best experience for these kinda exams.

Aakanksha sahebrao khade Image
Aakanksha sahebrao khade

The teachers at the coaching institution give you a great way to think better here being at this place, and perform and study in your own way so that you can make the best out of the coaching out of the brilliant work

Divya Image

You should have been really clear class itself. The doubt counters of the coaching takes a lot of time here being at this place. The coaching academy has been managing the doubt counters really very brilliantly in this coaching institute in and around.

Prakash Image

This is the best part of the coaching since we always do it with the help of the teachers which are being present in this coaching academy probably around in here at this coaching.

Pragyan Parimita Naik Image
Pragyan Parimita Naik

The institute keeps adapting and maintains a check on the performance of teachers at Abhimanu Ias Study Group in this area through yearly reviews at Abhimanu Ias Study Group in this area.

Sahil Image

The tests are usually tougher than the last years paper and hence is a fair indication as to what score can be achieved in the exam at Abhimanu Ias Study Group, great coaching brilliant teachers.

Rohit Image

Rich and practical learning as far as my experience counts over here in this place brilliantly. Teacher very good especially physics. Awesome coaching institute

Ravi Image

The course institute provides best classes in each subject for those exams which you are preparing with expert faculties. They conduct online exams after each classes.

Sonali sahu Image
Sonali sahu

The course institute is blessed with good and friendly for those exams which you are preparing faculties and I had a great experience throughout the course.

Roshansirra Image

This is the best course institute I have so far been to for those exams which you are preparing. They have excellent and faculty and good study material.

Sadanand Image

Regular tests of the coaching institute conducts help us to evaluate the student’s position and the efforts which we need to further put the effort with this Abhimanu Ias Study Group here

Anish Image

I love that the part where the teachers get involved in the student’s personality development in here and help them to face what they actually want to enter this coaching institution which feels really great on our parthere in this at this great academic institution

Neha choudhary Image
Neha choudhary

The best thing I have ever come across this coaching is coming with the brilliant terms as far as I have seen for the same time of it here in this at this great academic institution

Sunil Image

There are many differences created in the test series of the coaching instituteshere in this at this great academic institution so that the students could prepare themselves in the coaching academy for the best.

Davinder Khara Image
Davinder Khara

The tricks and the tips of the teachers have helped me inside this amazing institute to improve my skills and the speed.

Yash Kaushik Image
Yash Kaushik

The coaching institute inside this amazing institute creates a timetable and then takes regular assessments.

Gaurav Saini Image
Gaurav Saini

This coaching provides us with the facility inside this amazing institute like none of any other institutions provide.

Ayush thakur Image
Ayush thakur

Faculty here is amazing and ready to help you whenever around in here at this coaching you need them in this coaching institute.

Anita Image

Superb faculty, personalised attention, 24*7 doubts assistance around in here at this coaching, above expectations delivery in this coaching institute.

Nirmal Singh Rayat Image
Nirmal Singh Rayat

Apart from the quality of the material of the coaching institute provided by the foundation around in here at this coaching, I would say the faculty is also very much motivating and inspiring, the zeal and the enthusiasm the faculty show is enough to get energize.

Megha Image

The institute creates a timetable and takes regular assessments are heldinto here .They’ve been the best mentor for me.

Aditi Goswami Image
Aditi Goswami

They adopted very different and good way for at the time of preparationinto here. They provided healthy work environment.

Rutuja Bansode Image
Rutuja Bansode

The faculty knows the performance of each studentinto here and helps them accordingly. This institute holds personalised monitoring based systeminto here, with provides excellent results.

Gaurav Image

Best spot of the coaching institute is to take up instructing for preparationfor these kinda exams you are preparing for.The staff is profoundly qualified and keeps the earth propelling.

Ratna singh Image
Ratna singh

Helpful staff is there which is great. Every one of the themes are instructed completelyfor these kinda exams you are preparing for. The institute is loaded with instructors who help you through each thick and slim.

Swaraj Singh Image
Swaraj Singh

The expenses of the coaching institute structure is very reasonable and the institute gives grants. This is the best activity an institute takesfor these kinda exams you are preparing for.

Deepanshu singh Image
Deepanshu singh

The staff is very helpful, experienced and this is a great thing in this examination.

Detwar Image

Some exams are really tough exams to make through which is a great thing. This institute makes sure that no stone is left unturned in this examination.

Sanjeev Singh Image
Sanjeev Singh

The teachers carefully assess your strength and weakness in this examination and help you work on it which is a great thing.

Ashraf Hussain Image
Ashraf Hussain

They have very Cogent and lucid programs under their success rate in this examination. Most question I.e. practice or mock tests are very similarity that of this exam. Overall we can say it's a topper institute.

Rahul Image

The association is extraordinarily incredible preparation for the centered test and its cool. The association has put in some portion of undertakings to gather a foundation with such remarkable learning, vitality, and experience.

Navjot Kaur Image
Navjot Kaur

Incredible individual thought and vulnerability clearing classes are given to the students and its cool. Astonishing individual checking and study on learning.

Rahul Image

I tried in many institute but this academy is the place where i got full satisfaction which is a great thing here at this centre.

Zainab Image

One time fees and life time study is unique feature of this institute.Time bound test and capable faculty for the leads to sure result which is a great thing here at this centre.

Sunil kumar Image
Sunil kumar

It was a great experience at this institute here at this centre. Here you not only improve your personality, also it enhance your capability and help you to explore your multidimensional approach to any challenge so that you understands life which is a great stuff

Adarsh Image

It is one of the best training program for these kinda exams which we could ever find and special one than other institutions. For each and every student separate mentors are for these kinda exams to support them. Lot of practice sessions.

Meenakshi Dhabhai Image
Meenakshi Dhabhai

Coaching institute is so good for these kinda exams. Current affairs revision and viva sessions are extremely helpful. Mentors are helpful and material quality is great.

Manan Image

Able to solve all the problems with help of shortcuts for these kinda exams and simple formulas and techniques.

Sukhdev Image

Extra knowledge has been given in this education centre

Pankaj Govani Image
Pankaj Govani

Doubts counters are always available from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm so that the students could clear all their doubts from different batches in this education centre.

Akhil Image

The coaching institute provides the exam centres in this education centre for the test series and has got the best test series in the town.

Neelam dhakad Image
Neelam dhakad

The institute is very well established and has a highly qualified workforce with a dedicated work environment at Abhimanu Ias Study Group located here.

Anjali Image

The institute covers all the papers which are already printed in previous papers for these exams in here at Abhimanu Ias Study Group located here.

Naman bhadauriya Image
Naman bhadauriya

The institute is an extremely helpful institution which not only helps in the nourishment of young minds but also helps young brains for selecting a nice career at Abhimanu Ias Study Group located here.

Nikhil kumar Image
Nikhil kumar

Coaching has the best faculty- the team of teachers and the benefit is that they arrange extra activities to cheer up students like orientations and more to motivate the students at Abhimanu Ias Study Group located here.

Rajesh Gupta Image
Rajesh Gupta

Course coaching institute designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and for these exams for these courses.

priyanshu sharma Image
Priyanshu sharma

A personal consideration class with individual observing with complete test arrangement is extremely extraordinary practice here as in this exam. I truly have no words for your brilliant lessons and backing.

Vaghela Mihirsinh Image
Vaghela Mihirsinh

Many even wait for the admission in this institute as in this exam. The standard over there is just awesome as in this exam.

Sam Image

This foundation is an incentive for cash as in this exam. It uses our valuable time in an exceptionally noteworthy way as in this exam. They esteem the endeavors put in by the students.


The Institute is very good as in this exam. Faculty has good coverage of all the important topics which will useful for the exams.

Varsha Image

The Study material of this institute is best and there is no need for the other books in Abhimanu Ias Study Group located here.

Priyanshu Bhatt Image
Priyanshu Bhatt

The institute conducts the mock tests in Abhimanu Ias Study Group located here located herethat help students to know where they stand in the exam.

Nidhi verma Image
Nidhi verma

The program is quite effective in Abhimanu Ias Study Group located here, and accurate to make a student stand best.

Satish kumar Image
Satish kumar

It has had been delayed a lot in completing the whole syllabus which has been great over here. Its convenient in here at this coaching centre.

Mohit kumar Image
Mohit kumar

They have had cleared the doubts of every student, Its convenient in here at this coaching centre and classes are regular which has been great over here around here.

Pooja Image

They have had taught us the new tricks, Its convenient in here at this coaching centre and ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved in exam which has been great over here.

ishan dogra Image
Ishan dogra

The coaching institute around here in this academic institution is good for those who work hard and also who trust the institute.

Sahil Image

The fees structure of this coaching institute is not very high around here in this academic institution.

Harmanpreet kaur Image
Harmanpreet kaur

All the staff, present in the coaching institute are well disciplined and are very well educated for it around here in this academic institution. Academic programs of the coaching is fabulous.

Vishesh foujdar Image
Vishesh foujdar

I found it really hard to solve the questions of the exam around here in this academic institution, the teachers have never gave on me, they have made me to understand the formulas and the tricks to solve the questions.

Vaibhav thukral Image
Vaibhav thukral

The concepts are being taught with the tricks helping us at this centre to have had solve them quickly over here.

Manish Kumar Image
Manish Kumar

They provide proper guidance , relevant study material , practice tests and motivational sessions over the Abhimanu Ias Study Group.

Arpit Sachdeva Image
Arpit Sachdeva

I believe that I really like the exams which this coaching prepares us for the coaching academy, probably the best coaching over here which has had been there in this town over here over this place.

Happy singh Image
Happy singh

I find it really very unique as it helps you to get your questions evaluated daily and it also been which has been great the helping to get the good competition as many selected with certain posts Abhimanu Ias Study Group, over thiss place.

sehaj Image

Personal attention was provided t each and regular evaluation was done at the institute marking the points to be improved for these kinda exams.

Shivangi Image

Even though the institute does look very small from outside, when you get inside you will get to know such a overwhelming place it is which only focussesfor these kinda examson taking their students to success

Nittin bhagat Image
Nittin bhagat

Individual Attention is to be given, which is being generally absent in these instructing classes in enormous urban areas (that have 50+ students in each cluster) is accentuated at being here at the coaching institute over here.

Meenakshi gupta Image
Meenakshi gupta

Special emphasis is to be given on the DI/LR area from where different and precarious questions can be set up in the coaching institute over here.

vidhi Image

Most of the faculty is good and motivating for exams like those. Plus point is you can get your doubts cleared from the other teachers too, which will be present at auditorium of the coaching academy in here.

nikhil dhiman Image
Nikhil dhiman Verified

One of the best Institute, Their way of teaching is very good and they really make English simple, Their curriculum including mock tests really helps a lot to prepare for the exam, everything best, notes are provided a bit late after lecture.

mohit goyal Image
Mohit goyal Verified

It was a really good experience and I learnt a lot. Apart from improving my vocabulary, I gained a lot of perspectives. I have become more confident after taking this course good environment of institute .

harsha Image
Harsha Verified

Teaching faculty is awesome,The teachers are co-operative filling you with much required knowledge and motivation,good management and infrastructure is too good and all doubts are properly cleared .

priya Image
Priya Verified

It is a great institute, a very helpful teacher,and moreover the counsellors are very good, in all a great institution.notes are also provided.

Chandvi Image

Awesome Institution for the preparation for the competitive exams specially in the exams.

Aarushi Image

I have learnt the techniques of facing interviews in here. How to express myself in group discussions is one the best thing.

Self Self Image
Self Self

Best Institute for IAS, PCS Exams Preparation. Faculties are well experienced. They provide excellent study material like Current Affairs Updates Daily and Weekly, Test series, Video Lectures and Mock tests.

hjhjhjhj Image

We have a decent timetable with better administration and this is a great coaching. Test arrangement is made by the resources which are in a comparative example to the past papers

Raghav Image

It has some expertise in General Studies as a subject and this is a great coaching, in spite of the fact that covering the Civil Services arrangement totally.

rahul Image

This IAS Academy has effectively prepared wannabes for over 10 years by influencing them to understand altogether the whole schedule and is a standout amongst the best for common administrations examination arrangements and this is a great coaching.

Mudit Mishra Image
Mudit Mishra

Great association for IAS prep. Qualified staff and incredible results made every year this is an amazing coaching.

Jitendra Image

The best part is that we don’t need to approach teacher to teacher for asking the questions. All is the doubt counters which are being at the same time of the present in the coaching institute which has had been at the same point in it for the same.

Nikita jurel Image
Nikita jurel

I think the coaching keeps the students well aware about the current affairs which has had been here at the same coaching in here in this town.

abhinandan Image

Dedicated faculty is there in here at this coaching, committed intent and genuine concern for prospective candidates. Sincere and conscientious efforts to prepare candidates.

mandeep Image

The best of its kind.

Parveen kumar Image
Parveen kumar

There is no coaching dress, and everyone is allowed to study their own way and experiment with the things.

vandana thakur Image
Vandana thakur

This is where the Institute’s Daily mains answer writing is just an amazing working as a revolution for the answer writing among the UPSC aspirants which has had been there.

Rahuladhikari Image

I guess that you would admire this coaching, when you would see the previous years results which this coaching has given to this country.


You wound’s have to worry about the availability of the teachers which is I guess the best thing about the coaching institute. For the rest of the things, you would have to cope up by yourself.


The coaching institution has had been a resolute way with the deal with instructing only for execution in placement tests in there between the coaching institution with there.

Saurabh Image

They have had been providing of the proper guidance, relevant study material, practice tests and motivational sessions. The staff of the coaching academy is very very helpful of the experienced.


I has had been a very amazing academy which has had been here. The Faculty was professional and experienced, especially for QA.

meenu thakur Image
Meenu thakur

The academy had had been providing that extra push to the coaching institution, along with the the extra motivation to excel. Apart from studies the counselling, the free preparation tips for gd-pi, loved the whole experience. Great place!

Shivali Image

The coursework of the coaching institute arethoroughly discussed with the coaching students. This makes the study of the course process clear and makes us confident in the coaching academy.

Kulwinder Image

The coaching institution provides us with very good study material in the coaching academy.

ravinder Image

The coaching institution of the teachers which don’t take responsibility and are not easy to approach.

Rahul Image

The coaching institution has been providing very of the great study material.

Ramandeep Image

The coursework is thoroughly discussed in the class with the students which make the study process clear in the process.

Navdeep singh Image
Navdeep singh

The coaching institution has had been provides very good study material. The teachers of the institute are very helpful and experienced. It has a great environment of the coaching.

komalpreet kaur Image
Komalpreet kaur Verified

Good experience all & best content providers in study material book & video lecture are very very good, deeply guidance each topic, any question to solve in the classroom , competitive environment .

shivani dubey Image
Shivani dubey Verified

Faculties are well experienced and very much effective in clearing every doubt, all notes and test series gave properly and taking the weekly test properly.

manvinder Image
Manvinder Verified

Excellent teacher and I feel good experience here,they provide excellent study material. teachers and discuss all topics any time to teachers.

Arun Kumar Image
Arun Kumar

The teachers of the coaching have taken the responsibility of the coaching students and are really very easy to approach.

deepak Image

The coaching institute has been providing us with very good study material.

aman pandey Image
Aman pandey

This is one of the best relationship for the status of IAS. The educators plan test systems and exchange with their students in the coaching.

prachi Image

This IAS coaching Academy has had been the one of the best coaching centres because of how deeply they involve their students in the training programs.

nikita Image

It has been commended for the student-teacher ratio, not admitting more than 90 students in a single batch.

Vikrant Rana Image
Vikrant Rana Verified

Faculty and study material is good, their teaching way is too good, sufficient giving us pre+mains book material, providing library facility also, and ask for doubts any time to teacher

Parul Image
Parul Verified

One of the Great coaching, good faculty focusing each student to pay personal attention, daily checked homework , taking extra classes also, given notes also and cheerful environment .

sofia Image
Sofia Verified

Best coaching institute ,Faculty was very experienced and staff was very good and giving us study library facilities, all doubts were clear in doubt session .

Harsh Dev Singh Image
Harsh Dev Singh

I have had found it really really hard to solve the questions, the teachers never gave up on me, they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions.

ravi sharma Image
Ravi sharma

This coaching institute is very very excellent in providing education in the field of completion. The concept of the coaching isntitute to deal the question is excellent and gives visual and audio connection both.

Loveleen Image

Fees of the coaching institution is not that high. The knowledge imparted is beyond expectations. They possess some amazing skills. The teachers put in maximum efforts to explain the concepts.

Harbhajan Singh Image
Harbhajan Singh

The coaching institution here has had a novel arrangement of training that enables students to associate with the instructors on a direct premise and get tutoring from the equivalent.

Ashima Image

The faculty of the coaching institute is generally excellent and the spot truly agreeable .

K K Adlakha Image
K K Adlakha

My girl has learned at this institute and the experience and then the fulfilment level is amazing.

Priya Image

Teachers are incredible in their individual regions and they constantly prepared to support the students. Students additionally get customized attention through individual doubt clearing session.

satyam Image

The staff at the institute gives point by point execution investigation to every one of the tests featuring the solid and frail zones.

Ashu Image

The academy gives that additional push, the additional inspiration to exceed expectations. Aside from concentrates the guiding, the free arrangement tips for gd-pi, adored the entire experience. Extraordinary spot!

rohit Image

From the answers writing tips in this optional as well as gs papers, including essay to the assessment of answers,the teachers go to an extent to gauge your improvements.

Rahul Image

This coaching is simply matchless! All of my doubts which have been laid to rest and I am marching ahead with my preparation for the IAS exam in the coaching institute.

Rasmeen Kaur Image
Rasmeen Kaur

They have had provide every student personal attention and 100% up to date study materials.

Rajat Sharma Image
Rajat Sharma

I find students with brilliant academic records in my batch. It gives a great feel and motivates me to prepare even more competently in the coaching institute.

jai nagar Image
Jai nagar

At this institute the educators come completely arranged with the course structure. The structure is clarified appropriately in the class .The coursework is throughly talked about with the students which makes the study procedure clear.

ayushi Image

They have the best and most experienced group. The workforce gives appropriate consideration towards every understudy and causes them in trouble

Jyoti Image

The institute gives generally excellent study material. The educators are useful and experienced. It has an incredible domain. Their study material is loaded with significant inquiries and ideas covering every single basic theme.

Dhiraj sharma Image
Dhiraj sharma

The academy provides that extra push, the extra motivation to excel. Apart from studies the counselling, the free preparation tips for gd-pi, loved the whole experience. Great place

sadhuram sahoo Image
Sadhuram sahoo

This coaching institute foundation has extraordinary point which is the preparation test for us. I think this is extraordinary reason for this institute to be so successful.

sajan Image

This is the first institute where I see discipline like schools. All the teachers are helpful and experienced.

Rashmi Image

This academy is very great and better than other institute it also having upsc/gpsc classes and it has 100%result.

Rishika Image

Very good experience, teachers are highly experience, study packages are very informative and filled with practice questions.

archana Image

The faculty and particularly the administration are profoundly effective and sorted out.

Varinder singh Image
Varinder singh

The systematic course structures will immensely help you building confidence for the test. Teachers and staff are very cooperative.

neha Image

Good place for those english learners who want to learn english through rules, full of motivational thoughts , teaching method of vocabulary portion is unimaginable you just listen to sir and antonyms, synonyms, idioms and phrasal verbs are done no need to revise and yes over crowded and most of the time you have to take classes on projector but staff is very cooperative and polite.

Sajan Trehan Image
Sajan Trehan

The faculties involved for the classes help the students like us to not only work hard but also work smart.

shubham Image

We were given extra classes band doubt sessions, to clear our concepts very well. Teacher are very cooperative and motivate us a lot.

ankush sharma Image
Ankush sharma

Classes at this coaching are air conditioned and spacious enough for 45 to 50 students minimum.

Jack Image

The way of teaching is very different. I don't get bored in the class and every day i learn something me in the coaching institute.

neha Image

Recommended to all who seek coaching for their competitive exams.

jas Image

Honestly speaking you will enjoy studying at this institute. The teacher is inspiring, motivational and pretty too and works in a systematic manner.

maninder Image

This coaching centre will surely bring success as it has one of the best study material and quality doubt cells to prepare you comprehensively for IAS exam

Nitasha Image

The institution helps to learn from basics. Teaches slowly and patiently. The faculty is very Co-operative.

ashok kumar Image
Ashok kumar

With the individual monitoring done by the coaching institute, students can achieve better.

Muskaan Singh Image
Muskaan Singh

The faculty could clear the doubts in a calm manner.

gaurav sharma Image
Gaurav sharma

I am a proud student of this coaching and I love the way the institute solves the doubts.

anuj Image

The faculty is basically nice, as some teachers are perhaps the best I’ve ever seen.

Anita Image

I needed a coaching centre where I could start from the basics and gradually move on to more advanced topics as I had a weak foundation and found the solution here.

vikrant kumar Image
Vikrant kumar Verified

Best institute in the city…they provide best coaching, best class room environment, test series and doubt session programme

Abhijot Singh Image
Abhijot Singh Verified

Faculty Is very brilliant...providing proper notes with the recommendation of online study material....teachers are very helping they are guiding is every way...., the environment was good ....they are conducting doubt session on a regular basis...

Siya Image
Siya Verified

Best institute in the city…they provide the best coaching, best classroom environment, best teachers test series and doubt session programme.

Poonam thakur Image
Poonam thakur Verified

Amazing institute, faculty co-operative, good environment, good study material, and no doubts.

Manvinder Image
Manvinder Verified

The teachers are great in the coaching institute along with the study material. There is regular doubt counters which are conducted every day. Not just this, you can also ask the doubts after the class which is really great.

Aarzoo Image
Aarzoo Verified

Abhimanu is the best coaching institute for ias in Chandigarh. it has highly skilled teachers, they have very deep knowledge of topics. they are alwz available for the doubts. study material is good which they are providing. I feel good to be part of this institute.

Vishal Image
Vishal Verified

Abhimanu is the best coaching institute for IAS. teachers are highly qualified they are very supportive and helping. the environment is studious. study material is excellent.

Dishya Sharma Image
Dishya Sharma

One of the best coaching institutes in Chandigarh. Awesome notes, brilliant teachers. Moreover, your friend circle and the group matters the most too. Its a very good coaching institute, I recommend it.

anil sharma Image
Anil sharma

Good coaching with brilliant notes. This coaching has good and helpful teachers who takes care of the weak students.

moksh Image

This coaching has provided me everything i was looking for. It has the have best notes and the way the teachers explain is amazing. Also the teachers clear every single doubt you have. probably the best coaching in the area.

Harpreet Singh Image
Harpreet Singh

The institute is quite great and the teachers too. Doubts are solved and the material is also great. Other facilities are amazing too. Overall it was a nice experience.

Silvi Kansal Image
Silvi Kansal

Gr8 institute for prep.....well qualified teachers

Oshin Image

Best institute so far with well qualified faculty

Nikhil Image

Grat institute for coaching. Teachers are qualified and cooperative. It is at par with institutes in delhi. Infrastructure is great. A good study environment.

gurpreet singh Image
Gurpreet singh

Overall the institute is nice....the infrastructure is amazing....good coaching.

Harjapjeet Bajwa Image
Harjapjeet Bajwa

Good institute for IAS coaching. Helpful and qualified teachers. Environment is fine.

hritik walia Image
Hritik walia

The infrastructure are really very nice. the study environment is amazing. the teachers are well qualified and cooperative.

Charankamal Image

Very nice teachers. Infrastructure is good. Doubts are cleared regularly. Recommended for IAS coaching.

ayuayuahi agrawal Image
Ayuayuahi agrawal

Fine study environment. good for ias coaching. teachers are impressive......

Navdeep  Image

Institute is fine. Environment n services are good. Teachers are nice

navjot thakur Image
Navjot thakur

The efficiency of teaching is brilliant. the infrastructure is really good. great coaching os provided in this institute.

harnoor Image

Incredible teaching....... would recommend this for sure......

Suraj Image

Nice institute. Teachers are good and helpful. Other services are also good.

nitin singh Image
Nitin singh

Good ias coaching is provided in this institute.teachers are really very helpful.

Chandan Image

Helpful and qualified teachers. Study environment is also good. Highly recommend for coaching.

mohit Image

Nice teachers and overall the institute is awesome.wonderful experience.

Arsh Image

Very nice institute. Nice staff.

Navdeep Bhullar Image
Navdeep Bhullar

Great institute for IAS coaching. Very helpful teachers. Satisfied with results.

celeste Image

Teachers are supportive its great for coaching :)))))

kusum  Image

Good teachers.. Nice study.. Great for IAS coaching.

navdeep Image

The institute is really very nice.... having good infrastructure and qualified teachers is apt for ias coaching.

Jasmine Kaur Saini Image
Jasmine Kaur Saini

A great Institute with few exceptionally good teachers but lack professionalism when it comes to morning and weekend batches since the syllabi is not completed in the stipulated time.

Vishal Kumar Image
Vishal Kumar

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Test series
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Faculties: 3/5
Study Material: 5/5
Test series: 4/5

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