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Aakash Institute Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
Regular Classroom Program: JEE One Year Course
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
Online Learning Program: Aakash Digital
6 Mo
₹ ******/-
Regular Classroom Program: NEET Two Years Course
2 Yr
₹ ******/-
Regular Classroom Program: NEET Three - Four Year Course
3 Yr
₹ ******/-
Regular Classroom Program: JEE Two Years Course
2 Yr
₹ ******/-
Regular Classroom Program: NEET One Year Course
1 Yr
₹ ******/-
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About Aakash Institute

Aakash Institute is a widely spread branch for preparation of entrance exams. Aakash Institute, Pusa Road, New Delhi is considered by many to be one of the good branches. The institute has constantly kept up its name in the key institutes for medical and engineering and has passed on uncommon outcomes dependably. Expanded in a motivator by different understudies and guardians alike, the quality direction and unparalleled foundation are a piece of the explanations for its prosperity. The connection urges the understudies to get ready for the most pined for exams. We set up our understudies to part exams which are risky and in like manner difficult to clear. We go for building a classroom where there is a trade and not just a workshop room where a monolog is driven. The instructors are viably amiable and particularly obliging. Thinking about the criticalness of these exams, the foundation gives their understudies submitted workforce, best course substance and fitting examination oversee. The workforce gives watchful thought towards each and every sort and plans best course material to influence them to fathom those demand that is to be attempted and those not to be, or, constantly end some bit of such examinations. It is enhanced with resources and offers understanding how to break all the major exams that pick the destiny of an understudy. The innovative work put in by the staff and the understudies are obvious through the results of the understudies. With progress enabled structures and also extraordinary setting up, the feature is on residual submitted towards its objective. The mission is to induce the refined bosses to give certifiable heading, controlling the understudies to reduce the tangles and other than go for accomplishing results by giving advantageous rules. The institute recognizes at achieving accomplishment by giving the best direction and results to their understudies. The cost charged is obvious when emerged from the information introduced by the institute. 

Highlights of Aakash Institute that make it shine more spectacular among every last other institute are: 

1. Teaching systems: Our specialists have been set up to pass on the courses subject to a canny exhibiting procedure which ensures correspondence between the understudies and the staff while preparing. 

2. Regular Tests: The AIATS is driven for understudies at Aakash Centers transversely over India, offering a chance to the understudies to test their understanding at an All-India level for both Aakash understudies and non-Aakash understudies. The test papers are set up by Aakash delegates and went for getting ready understudies for the true blue decision tests and engages them to benchmark their execution against different understudies. The test in like way engages us to perceive and pull in understudies in Class 11 and 12 with the potential to score well and settle on choices in their pined for remedial and arranging course to pick in our courses. 

3. Study material: Our examination materials contain illustrative hypothesis and application-based demand which draws in us to pass on well-known substance. With a plan to enhance the learning framework, the substance of the examination materials are given as demand and looking. Our examination materials likewise join imperative concentrations and plans of each point, pictures and delineations and question papers from past board examinations to help understudies adequately recognize and hold the substance. To plan understudies to stand up to various serious examinations, we give distinctive demand in our exam materials. Further, our examination materials are redesigned consistently to ensure that our substance is unendingly enlivened with the latest instructive assignments. 

4. Doubt clearing-sessions: These sessions go for clearing the contemplations of understudies, as such restricting solicitation. Specific philosophy of subject-wise astounding instructors hopes to encourage the understudies and urge them to ask issues and weights looked by them.

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Aakash Institute Reviews

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Aakash rawal Image
Aakash rawal

1. I must realize it’s not only popular but also an effective institute which boosts my knowledge and built my concepts to that level at which any student can stand tall in their competitive examsat Aakash Institute located around here.

Raj Image

1. Much agreeable to me, the staff that I got at my Center is very experiencedat Aakash Institute located around here. They give you a library loaded with aggressive books which you can likewise get issued.

Pahul Image

1. Coming to the faculty it maintains and check its standard automaticallyat Aakash Institute located around here. As the teacher themselves have to appear for the test every month to make them updated and have their acumen tested at every level.

bindushree sahoo Image
Bindushree sahoo

The staff of the coaching institute is highly qualified for those exams which you are preparing and it helps the students to get the best.

Gagandeep kaur Image
Gagandeep kaur

It is the best coaching institute to prepare for the exams with an affordable fee structure for those exams which you are preparing.

Anoop Image

The study environment of the coaching institute is great. Students are very motivated and the teachers are very experienced for those exams which you are preparing.

Aditya chand thakur Image
Aditya chand thakur

The tutors are amazing, helpful which is really very amazing here for exams for exams for these courses, they always explain and they are always there for exams for exams for these courses to answer if you have any questions.

Mittali verma Image
Mittali verma

The time table of the coaching institute in this education centre guides us all the way to study, so that we complete the syllabus in time.

Manish sharma Image
Manish sharma

This coaching provides the most brilliant doubt clearing teachers to the students in this education centre.

Ashish Image

The teachers of the coaching institute in this education centre are highly cooperative and kind.


This Academy has effectively prepared wannabes for over 10 years by influencing them to understand altogether the whole schedule and is a standout amongst the best for common administrations examination arrangements and for these exams for these courses.

Sakshi sen Image
Sakshi sen

. It is a pioneer organization in the training of such exams and since its foundation and for these exams for these courses, has bestowed broad instructing and help for the prelims, mains, and meetings.

B m Image
B m

The faculty pays a lot of attention to the students and you can even change faculty if you are not satisfied with the current one and for these exams for these courses.

Bhavya Image

The students attending course coaching classes, many are sometimes already working with a company or completing their education and for these exams for these courses. Such students require institutes with flexible class schedules. The institute cooperates with such students and helps them out.

Manisha Image

Don’t miss to know short tips and tricks to clear the entrance exams here. They provide plenty of them over this Aakash Institute.

Rishi Kumar Image
Rishi Kumar

This coaching academy is very great and better than other institute it also having these classes here and it has 100%result over this Aakash Institute.

chirag sehgal Image
Chirag sehgal

Best institute is this one I have had ever visit. Their service was awesome here. Their faculty was awesome. Thank you so much for your help and support over this Aakash Institute.

Ashish Image

They have a proper teaching plan prepared. It builds a cohesive process of learning at at Aakash Institute located here. They provide enriched study material.

Ritu Raj Gupta Image
Ritu Raj Gupta

The institute holds a competitive environment which motivates the students at at Aakash Institute located here to reach their potential.

Ankit Sharma Image
Ankit Sharma

The teachers teach good content, but their pace is fast at at Aakash Institute located here. It is difficult to comprehend. The study portal is very active, and interesting.

Balvinder Singh Virk Image
Balvinder Singh Virk

Faculty is good and motivating. Point is that you can get your doubts cleared teachers too. Which would be present at auditorium at Aakash Institute located here. 


The coaching institute makes you feel the competition in the field in Aakash Institute located here. The coaching institute prepares you for competition.

Rohtash Image

The monthly tests helps you in lots of ways to analyze your preparation at Aakash Institute located here. Take it seriously and you will flourish. This is what that makes difference everywhere.

Vismaya A R Image
Vismaya A R

It is very easy to communicate around here in this academic institution with the teachers and clear our doubts.

Jasmine Image

Their administration of this institution is also good as they help to provide every information to students and management is also good over here at this Aakash Institute.

Dipika sharma Image
Dipika sharma

One positive feature you will get here is meeting with different state’s and students from various study and backgrounds by which you can form where you stand in the competition while tests happen over here at this Aakash Institute.

ARUN Image

It has all the environment of studies and secureness and mentally prepares you to face the exams at the best over here at this Aakash Institute.

Paritosh Image

Teachers are really helpful, they may not be able to address all your queries in class itself but outside the class they are really helpful in this coaching institution over here at this Aakash Institute.

Sahil Beriwal Image
Sahil Beriwal

The coursework is throughly discussed over the Aakash Institute with the students which makes the study process clear.

Yukta Image

Their study material is full of important questions and concepts covering all essential topics over the Aakash Institute.

Vishal tripathi Image
Vishal tripathi

First of all a very big thank you to this coaching centre. Great faculty! Great guidance over the Aakash Institute.

Prakash Singh Patel Image
Prakash Singh Patel

In this institute, the classes are organized to manage the students effectively, and they also carry a good value for money over the coaching centre.

arvind kapoor Image
Arvind kapoor

The faculty is some of the top of the staff and the institute is known for its success rate over the coaching centre to crack the exam in these modern times this coaching institute can be of more assistance.

Aditya Image

This is one of the best institutes for providing coaching for entrance exams as all faculties are highly experienced and qualified.

Geetanjali Image

Non teaching Staff are very cooperative in this coaching institute, they allow us to study rooms and library even on holidays.

Ayushkumar Image

Course Structure and Teaching Logic of this coaching institute makes them different. No one talks about their teaching logic in the way they do.

rajneesh Image

Effective test series and revision exercises if you are looking to topple the exams over this coaching centre. Personalized teachers as well as a conducive environment for your exam.


Conducive classroom session offering a free environment for free flow learning in this coaching over here. Also. this coaching centre has a quality test series

Sachin Image

Ethics Case Study is the pain for many of the aspirants because it demands creativity over this centre, and no one can’t develop creativity in the day. I have taken an Ethics & Essay module at this centre and I am aiming for the same.

sunil dan Image
Sunil dan

The Ethics of the centre and the essay module over this centre helped me a lot to carve more and more marks over this exam

Gurpreet kaur Image
Gurpreet kaur

The Courses in the centre for the exams are good and demand based over this centre. Affordable and quality wise a great centre.

Neetu Image

The materials and knowledge the institute provides are enough to crack if you are laborious over here at this coaching centre .

Binay Image

They have good teaching methods and lots of knowledge of their subject over here in Aakash Institute. . 

Anjali singh Image
Anjali singh

The institute hires the best teachers and they taught you in the best way with the best material over here in Aakash Institute. . 

Shanu Image

They teach us how to do work hard with planning and they have good facilities in the coaching over here in Aakash Institute. . Most important thing is protection of students which is they have.

Renuka Singh Image
Renuka Singh

Institute has their own sheets of notes, it is very sufficient study material for students to get into the best institutes by clearing the exam in this Aakash Institute here.

Rupesh Image

I believe that that best part of the coaching institution is that the students gets to understand whatever is taught in the premises of the coaching institute which is done truly rightly done at the time of the coaching academy over here over this place. It really helps me to go through the tough sides.

Vijesh Image

The gate coaching is this one which is the best of the coaching, probably the best coaching over here I have ever seen in this town in this coaching academy over this place over here.

Sunil suthar Image
Sunil suthar

Apart from these types of the coachings, this coaching also provides the exam, which is a great thing over here present at this. This coaching is really very much of the brilliant over this place.

Nicky kumari Image
Nicky kumari

The institute has the best mentors , who guide the students to reach to their goals and fulfill their dreams in the coaching institute over here over herehere all the way over here all the way over here.

Pushpa Image

They provide proper exposure and to arrange the workshops, visits to colleges here all the way over here all the way over here, fashion shows over here, and bring you one step ahead from the crowd.

Surinder Image

In retrospect, I think, I made the correct choice by opting here all the way over here all the way over here this reputable institute. It was a great experience in the coaching institute over here.

Deepak saini Image
Deepak saini

Recommended to all of the students who have had been seeking coaching for their competitive exams which have had been here in this, this is a great over here in this coaching.

rajat sharma Image
Rajat sharma

I was bewildered about my calling decisions this over this institution is marvellous. This foundation has given me a direction and motivated me in fulfilling my goals.

vishnu singh Image
Vishnu singh

Test arrangement is the best and precise which empowers the contender over this institution to know the beat of the different exams test this is an marvellous coaching.

Rahul Image

. All the present issues materials are forward-thinking and the important data regarding the examination are altogether given fastidious and exact this is an marvellous coaching over this institution.

Akanksha Pal Image
Akanksha Pal

If you wish to study in the real coaching which has had been a great thing Aakash Institute, over thiss place, this is the one.

Arum Image

The only place where i got best combination of great study material and great minds to convert fresh entrants into successful aspirants over here in Aakash Institute.

Sukhpreet kaur Image
Sukhpreet kaur

Excellent of the place to send your ward for competitive in here and these exams preparations over this Aakash Institute.

Umang kumar Image
Umang kumar

Problems are sorted right away and individual attention over Aakash Institute is given to each and every child

Diksha Sundriyal Image
Diksha Sundriyal

Focus study with cooperative teachers. Good environment over Aakash Institute. Even the weak student counts.

Ashish kumar Image
Ashish kumar

I am studying in this institute for the past one month over Aakash Institute and I want to share my experience. Classes are conducted regular from Monday to Saturday over Aakash Institute and with regular home work. I am happy to be the part of this institute.


A good start in the institute, its my first week in the institute. We are getting extra classes from day 2 only. Proper class are going on over Aakash Institute. The teachers motivate us and guide us very well.

Dilraj Image

They offered books to better outcomes for these exams over Aakash Institute. Every booklet is overflowing with substance in game plan like the request papers. This prepares students for the test.


Their branches are organized in noteworthy urban territories in India. It is the best course for getting prepared for this test over Aakash Institute. They give the best workforce to troublesome test and gives motivation.

Anchal Image

It's an incredible advance ahead for students and everybody whoever is related in here to such a dynamic over Aakash Institute. I feel pleased to be a piece of it.

Akriti Singh Image
Akriti Singh

This is the best institute for preparation of this exam over this course in here. The teachers prepare exam strategies and discuss with their students.


Condition of classes as well then so it’s great. The students are careful and this makes a strong report condition.

Deepak LAXKAR Image

I think the best coaching in here is this one in terms of the everything which we see at this coaching institute over the Aakash Institute probably the best coaching in here.

Hemant Agrawal Image
Hemant Agrawal

Regular tests, alumni assistance and convenient batches have helped me to focus on my goals which is a great thing over the Aakash Institute.

Nayan rao Image
Nayan rao

In my view coaching is most important over this place over this place because by coaching we all capture out with a proper way.

Vatsala Image

The strategy of this institute is unique and simplified in nature over this place. Here you will find integrated coaching for all the three stages of the examination.

Sarthak Setia Image
Sarthak Setia

The staff of this academy is very friendly and then pretty helpful. The teachers are easily approachable which is brilliant and great over Aakash Institute The doubt clearing sessions are held to clear the concepts.

Amit Image

The coaching institute helps in being improving the personality of the student which is brilliant and great over Aakash Institute They pay attention towards each and every student of the coaching.

Pankaj Soni Image
Pankaj Soni

The institute helps in improving the personality of the student which is a great thing. They pay attention towards each and every student over this coaching.

Muskan Image

The staff is very friendly and helpful and this is a great thingover this coaching. The teachers are easily approachable. The doubt clearing sessions are held to clear the concepts.

Yashee Swamy Image
Yashee Swamy

Institute has their own sheets of notes, it is very sufficient study material for students to get into the best institutes by clearing the exam over this Aakash Institute here.

Krishna Pandey Image
Krishna Pandey

They have unmatched customizations of courses and topics for which you may want additional assistance of videos over this Aakash Institute here.

Mahesh Image

Under sir's guidence my knowledge has grown immensely here over this institutional academy. I have been able to crack my interview. Thank You.

Rakesh Image

13) Best guidance ever extremely happy with the guidence I received from teachers and staff at the classes here over this institutional academy.

sukhdev singh Image
Sukhdev singh

Their tricks helps you to solve problem and the english teacher will help you develop the techniques to solve the reading comprehension over here in Aakash Institute.

rajwinder singh Image
Rajwinder singh

The institute provides Boot Camps which provides the learners with in-depth analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and holds GD/PI sessions so as to prepare the learners efficiently over here in Aakash Institute.

Anita Image

Their criteria of study is too good and the another positive point is that they provide us with sufficient study material over here in Aakash Institute.

Shailesh kumar Image
Shailesh kumar

They have very Cogent and lucid programs under their success rate. Most question I.e. practice or mock tests are very similarity that of this exam. Overall we can say it's a topper institute.

Ushdb Image

Management of the coaching is awesome they helped me lot during during my academics and solved my every problems either its regarding Test Series or any Exam info. the management team is very helpful.

Surjit singh Image
Surjit singh

Its unique thing is personal attention and small batch. Even this coaching does not believe in marketing.

Kavitash Kumar Image
Kavitash Kumar

An enriching and exquisite experience with well prepared faculty focused towards cracking the iit exam,teaching adaptive and smart techniques to all kinds of students.

dhanish Image

Brilliant place, helped me get into the college I wanted. 10/10 , would recommend.

Simar Image

The Academy motivates students to choose their path and nurture students for excelling in competitive examinations.

Pankaj Image

Regular home and doubt sessions really boost the student level. I like the way of teaching.

priya Image

Teachers understand students truly here right to their mind-set with effective methodologies

vishant verma Image
Vishant verma

I went here for interview guidance program. The interviewers were highly knowledgeable and experienced.

Sidhika Image

The coaching institutes always keep you motivated for the study.

Amandeep singh Image
Amandeep singh

The time table of the coaching institute guides us all the way to study, so that we complete the syllabus in time.

Shahnaz Shukla Image
Shahnaz Shukla

The staff of this coaching centre is very good, it is the best coaching making a difference.

Nitika Image

I have been a part of this institution and I can say proudly that have studied in this institution.

rajat Image

Atmosphere and surroundings area unit awing here. one in all the nicest places to try to to IIT JEE schoolwork and find a decent learning atmosphere

apoorva Image

An active Full support is provided to students. You can even avail up to 100% of Scholarship.

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