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Spouse Visa

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

A Spouse Visa allows married and de facto (opposite and same-sex) partners of the country’s citizens, permanent residents or eligible citizens to enter and remain in the country.


The visa is typically granted as temporary visa and two years after lodging the relationship is reassessed and if deemed genuine, a permanent visa will be granted. You can apply for a residency spouse visa straight away under some circumstances.


The Spouse Visa has now been replaced by the Partner Visa. Many people may still refer to this visa as the Spouse Visas so it is important to understand that is related to visas for partners or significant others whether they be husbands or wives.


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There are two types of partner visas

Prospective Marriage visa and Partner visa. The type of visa for which you can apply depends on the type of relationship you are in.


If you intend to marry have a fiancé(e) but you are not yet married you will need to apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa.

If you are married and are in a de jure (legally married) relationship you will need to apply for a Partner Visa.

If you are in a de facto relationship you will need to apply for a Partner Visa.


If you are a spouse or a partner of a foreign country you should note that you do not have an automatic right to the citizenship. You will need to apply for citizenship and satisfy the eligibility criteria in the same way as other adult applicants.

The basic requirement for a Partner Visa includes

You must be either married to or in a de facto relationship

Be a permanent resident; or

Be an eligible citizen.

All Partner (Spouse) visa applicants must be sponsored by their partner who must be at least 18 years of age.

To be considered for a Partner (Spouse) visa your marriage must be recognized – be legal – under the law.