Industrial Training courses for Mechanical Engineering- AutoCAD, CATIA, Solid Works and more

Mechanical engineering is a field of engineering which consists of study and application of physics principles. It is a very broad field of engineering that consists of designing, production, analysis, upkeep and operation of machinery and tools.

To be a mechanical engineer, a comprehensive understanding of the core concepts of scientific fields like mechanics, electricity, kinematics, thermodynamics, and structural analysis is absolutely necessary along with an understanding of core concepts materials science, structural analysis, and electricity. These principles are used by mechanical engineers along with Information Technology software to do their work.

What is Industrial Training for Mechanical Engineers?

Industrial training for mechanical engineers is a comprehensive, on-the-job experience that allows mechanical engineers to get a taste of the actual work they will do during their years of study. Many educational institutions have tie-ups with various companies- private and governmental to provide industrial training to mechanical engineers in the making.