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Education is the top priority to every family in India. Blended learning for competitive exams has evolved into a huge industry. However,the market is fragmented,so there is very little holistic information online regarding the best institutes,faculty,courses and admissions.This creates difficulty for students while choosing coaching institutes. Studydekho.com commenced its mission of collecting data of the educational institutes,which isn’t easily available and convert it into high quality information for students.

We at studydekho.com realized that there is a major gap existing in the way decisions are made regarding blended learning solutions.Due to fragmented market, students generally fail to choose the best institute for themselves.Moreover,most of the prevailing institutes do not have the resources to publicize themselves properly thereby a majority of students rely on word of mouth or opt for the larger institutes even though those might not be the best choice. Studydekho,as an idea,was born to capture distinct data about the blended learning industry and modify it into high quality information that will enable students to make better and well informed choices.

We at studydekho.com help students chose wisely by providing well-researched information on institutes(courses,fee structure,reviews,ratings,etc).We also partner with institutes to offer discounts via our platform’s seamless application service thereby making studydekho.com the best site for choosing educational institutes.

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