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Which is the best branch for IIT-JEE in Allen Career Institute Kota?

Gurman Asked May 15 '19 at 01:54 AM

Since I want to take admission in the Allen Career Institute Kota, I want to opt for IIT. I want to take the best branch of the Allen career Institute for my IIT-JEE preparation. Please help me by telling me the right branch of the Allen Career Institute for the IIT-JEE preparation. 

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2 Answers

Don't get worried about the best branch of the Allen career institute Kota. Since every branch of the coaching institute in Kota is equally good. the fact is that the teachers travel from one branch to the other one for teaching the students. So it hardly matters anyway. 

All you have to do it to take care about the batch in which you are. 

The better the batch, the better would be the coaching irrespective of the branch. 

Updated Aug 21 '19 at 06:28 PM

Allen has as many as 14 branches in the Kota city itself. the fact is that the first branch of Allen career Institute is the Sankalp branch. This branch of the coaching institute is the first branch and has the admission cell into it. 

So, technically it must be the head office and the best branch. But the thing is not like this. In Allen Career Institute, the admissions are given by the Sankalp branch and then the students are shifted to the different branches as per the occupancy level of the branches. 

So, there is no such thing as the best branch. You may find out more about the Sankalp branch here:

Updated Aug 21 '19 at 05:46 PM