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I want to know if the Allen Career Institute's Kota centre has the same selection ratio as the Allen's Chandigarh centre in IIT-JEE?

Manu Asked May 14 '19 at 03:33 AM

I am more specefic about the student to selection ratio in the IIT-JEE exam. Since I reside in Chandigarh, I want to know if the Allen's Chandigarh centre has the same selection ratio as the Allen Career Institute's Kota centre? Thanks in advance I shall be highly obliged. 

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2 Answers

Since the students at the Kota centre are high, the selections are high too. In Chandigarh, the students are less, so the selections are less. So, eventually, the ratio turns out to be is the same. 

Updated Oct 13 '19 at 11:08 AM

Kota branch of Allen would always have more students than the Chandigarh branch. The same goes with the teachers. The teachers at the Kota branch are much more than the Chandigarh one. 

The fact is that the coaching institute tries it really hard to maintain nearly equal student to teacher ratio in almost all the branches. So there is no such thing that you would face any kind of difficulty in  any of the branches. 

Updated Aug 21 '19 at 07:19 PM