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About Innovation Classes

Innovation Classes is a coaching center located in Rohini and is locally well-known for providing coaching as well tuitions to high school students. They provide one year courses for engineering and pre-medical exam aspirants, and also school tuitions for those who want to focus on board exams. The institute is dedicated to strengthening the conceptual foundations of students and preparing them for the exams. The teachers are well qualified and highly experienced. Having a moderate fee structure as well as a small batch size is an added advantage.

Courses Offered

Innovation Classes in Delhi offers the following courses for students.
1. JEE Main and Advanced Course
A one-year classroom course covering Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced is available.

2. AIPMT Course
There is one year course for AIPMT preparation as well. This course will include Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

3. School Tuitions
School tuitions covering CBSE syllabus are also provided in order to help the students do well in their school exams.

The students should choose their course, branch and institute based on their needs, requirements and convenience. To sum it up, Innovation Classes in Delhi is an ideal choice for many school students.

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Innovation Classes Reviews

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Jasminder Image

 The teachers of the coaching institute want each and every of the student of the institution to be successful and be able to achieve their dreams and for that they work hard too for the exams.

Vishal Image

They have had been given a great teaching methods and then lots of knowledge for their subject of studying in the coaching institution for the exams. 

Shilpi Image

The teachers of the coaching institution really teach us how to work really very hard with the planning and then they have really great facilities in the coaching institution for the exams. Most important thing is the protection of the students of the coaching institution which is they have had in there.

Jagjit Image

Personal attention is to be given to the classes with individual monitoring with complete test series is really great practice here for the exams.

Satvik Image

The coaching institution is one of the best one not in just the institute’s exam here but also for the other exams if you ask me for.

Avinash Image

The institute holds a competitive environment which motivates the students to reach their potential for the exams.

lalit kumar
lalit kumar Image

The quality of lectures provided at the institute are uniform and excellent for the exams.

Nimanshu Image

Very adaptable of the coaching institute with classes for exams I.e, a student can go to classes not just with the bunch which is designated to him, yet additionally with some other group, in this way completing the prospectus at your very own pace.

rajeev Image

Good training focus with an amazingly coordinating staff of the coaching institute for exams. Quality of the instructors who are constantly useful. Great condition for study.

Ravindra Image

This coaching institute instructs efficient short tricks to take care of the issues for exams. The coaching institute had had kept their study material refreshed

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