How to prepare for GATE 2018


People looking to prepare for GATE without coaching should always start early for their GATE Preparation 2018. They should plan for GATE Strategy for 2018 Exam. These plans will help students to prepare for GATE 2018. This article will help you to get a GATE 2018 preparation plan. To get the best guidance for GATE Preparation 2018 read the tips we provide.



GATE Preparation 2018

GATE 2018 Strategy should be well thought of as this will determine your GATE 2018 Score.  So, here is a step wise list to tell you How to crack GATE 2018.

  1. Determine your stream : This exam has some related categories but it is very important that you determine what exam you are appearing for. The exam has the following categories.
    • Aerospace Engineering: AE
    • Agricultural Engineering: AG
    • Architecture and Planning: AR
    • Biotechnology: BT
    • Civil Engineering: CE
    • Chemical Engineering: CH
    • Computer Science and Information Technology: CS
    • Chemistry: CY
    • Electronics and Communication Engineering: EC
    • Electrical Engineering: EE
    • Ecology and Evolution: EY
    • Geology and Geophysics: GG
    • Instrumentation Engineering: IN
    • Mathematics: MA
    • Mechanical Engineering: ME
    • Mining Engineering: MN
    • Metallurgical Engineering: MT
    • Physics: PH
    • Production and Industrial Engineering: PI
    • Textile Engineering and Fibre Science: TF
    • Engineering Sciences: XE
    • Life Sciences: XL
  2. After determining your stream you should go and search for the syllabus of the stream that your are appearing for. This will tell you exactly what you have to study in your time span that you have.
  3. Then, you should understand the structure of the exam.1. General Aptitude: 70%
    2. Engineering Mathematics: 15%
    3. Subject Questions: 15%
  4. After this, you need to determine how you are going to study: With Coaching or Without Coaching. After having a look at the experience of thousands of students, we would suggest that given your time frame you should not take up any formal coaching as it can not give you the perspective that today’s cutting edge technology provides. In this era of technology, you should never restrict yourself to one thing. Superprofs is just the right thing for you because we provide latest curriculum developed by experienced teachers that are available to your help irregardless of your time and location crunch. You can have a look at our highly reputed GATE Course here.
  5. Then focus on each section and do your best in the exam.
  6. You can read blogs to help you maintain your focus and keep your head in the right direction. Visit our blog section here to get the right information as soon as possible.
  7. After that you should get a fair number of good books to help you prepare for the GATE Preparation 2018. Do not buy every book that comes to mind or anyone suggests. Do online research, have a thorough look of the syllabus and then find out if you really need that book.
  8. Do not focus on what is written in the syllabus only. Make your basics strong and get a hold of what you want to do after your B.Tech.
  9. GATE is not only for admission in IITs, it will also provide you the opportunity to get placed through PSUs. So, make sure you know what PSUs are available according to your field of interest.
  10. Put your heart and soul into the preparation and with the time that you have right now, No milestone is far for you. Just tread the right path and a bright future shall be yours.

We hope this article about GATE Preparation 2018 has helped you in determining the right information about How to prepare for GATE 2018.  You can always turn to the experts at Superprofs for information that will help you. Share this article with your friends to spread this information.

All the best for your preparation!


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